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  • I’ve been in the process of moving from Userland to WordPress for a while and have gotten my layout and homepage the way I want it. I wanted to change because of the support of tags, podcasting and the future, things that Userland were at the forefront of at one point but now have lagged in. Here are my questions…

    1) I want to be able to have my podcasts post to the home page and then to another separate podcasting page with a unique feed. I understand the category listing and have created one, but in looking into it, the ability to take a category and have a single archive page has stumped me…

    2)I have a 16 year collection of personal writing/poetry that I am porting over as single pages/permalink type pages and would like to create a friendly directory page for them with links arranged by year and date. This is a big hang up for me as I’ve always wanted the directory structure to be simple to navigate but also wanted single files for each. I have begun to post them as pages but would like to create a page with a listing of years and a nested chronological list linking to the individual poems. I would like for them to exist outside of the timeline of the blog.

    the link to the site is

    and it is currently running parallel to my Radio Userland blog. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I really want to make the break ASAP.


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  • on #1, I can’t help, I have no idea about podcasting and such.

    On #2, why don’t you set up each writing as a post rather than a page? You can then create different types of archive pages, listing your post by category, or by date, or both. This seems to be closer to what you want to do. To have it exist outside of the blog timeline, you would simply call the categories relevant to your writing/poetry. So basically, you could have two pages calling different categories.

    Just a thought.

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