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  • I’ve set up a WP blog for my friend, however, he wants to have a page where all his friends are listed with pictures and people can comment on each person. Instead of installing another program/database I thought I could just create a catgory called “Friends” and just call that catagory for the page. But, if I post to the friends catagory, it posts on the main page of the blog too. Can I/How can I make it so posts in a certain catgory do not display on the main blog, but will show up when you show that specific catagory?

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  • Try using a post-date far ahead in the future, like in 3004, instead of 2004 🙂 Might work, I remember doing that once.

    WP lets me change the date to a couple years ahead, which prevents it from showing up on the main page. But it also prevents it from showing up on the Friends catagory page. The post doesn’t even diplay when you point directly to it… Any ideas?

    well, if everything fails, this is a pretty cool gallery software.

    I added that line to index.php and it does prevent posts in the catagory “friends” from showing up on the main page. However, it also seems to mess-up all the catagories: When you click on them you get the same posts that are on the main page. I assume it’s because they all use the same template (index.php)…
    As I see it, I have two options.
    1. Get rid of the line, but try and use the show-one-catagory-on-front-page hack, just backwards to exclude the “friends” catagory. However, I don’t know if this is functionally any different from your above solution. Will it limit it for every catagory or just the front page?
    2. The other option would be to keep the limiting line and create a static page which calls the “Friends” catagory. But since the line messes with all the catgories, wouldn’t I have to create a seperate static/template page for the catagories? Suggestions?

    That’s odd…. I use it and don’t have any issues….. at least with the version I have (which is a nightly from some weeks ago). Hmmm… I wonder if it’s been fixed in the nightly but not in the main release…..
    *ponders this for a moment*




    Use this:
    if (!$_GET[‘cat’]) $cat = ‘-X’;
    Thanks to LaughingLizard for the tip in IRC.

    Thank you all very much. I got it to work.

    pande – try the solution skippy provided…. I suspect that I might have a modified blog-header.php where the effect is different.

    Okk.. done !
    Thanks anyway 🙂

    How did you get it to work?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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