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    Hi BuzoLibre,

    This is coming from a setting on your site. Under Settings->General, you can change the number of blog posts that are visible per page. This will also affect BD. The default is usually 10.

    Ok thanks for that will give it a whirl!!!

    thanks for that but just a quick question, even though I had the general setting at 5 posts per page that still doesn’t really explain for me why the link at the bottom of the page when clicked upon want to a page that did not have the remainder of the listing’s in that category on it. When this directory is finished I will have perhaps 35 or 40 listing’s in a single category so I am wondering what will happen as the directory grows, Thanks so much for the help!!

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    The blog posts per page setting is exactly that–the number of posts that WP wants to display per page in a given category or list. So you won’t see “all” of them at once, you’ll only get the N listings per page, where N is the setting I mentioned above.

    ok thanks for that, but if the setting is for lets 7 seven posts and there are 10 posts total then when you go to the next page it should display the last three posts right or listing’s? That is what was not happening, the link at the bottom for next page when clicked upon would bring up an empty page without the last 3 posts or listing’s, did I explain that clearly, thanks again for the help!!!!

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    OK, I understand what you see now.

    Can I please get a link to your site’s directory that shows this issue?

    Also, what version of BD are you running?

    the link is but right now since I bumped up the number of posts per page everything is working fine, would you like me to change the setting again so you can see what i mean? I have to go out of the office in about an hour but I will go right now and drop the setting back to five pages per post and see if the problem comes back. thanks

    Ok I bumped the setting back down to 5 posts so when you go to this link, there are 7 listing’s in the directory by the way, 5 posts are displayed and then when you click on the next page link at the bottom the remainder of the posts are not there and this is the page you get

    thanks again, Vince

    am using BD version 2.2 I believe that is the latest version.

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    Hi Vince,

    OK, can you confirm that there’s not a plugin or theme conflict going on here?

    I’ll file it as a bug if you can let me know about that…

    its a theme conflict with Headway, just confirmed that we are using the most recent version of Headway 3.4.4

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    I’m not familiar with that theme. Looking at the site, it’s not immediately clear what the source of the conflict would be.

    I would suggest bringing up this issue with their support team–point out that the problem doesn’t appear with a default theme, only their theme. We’ve worked pretty hard on getting the pagination issues right, so it might be something they need to address.



    BuzolLibre, did you find a solution, I am having this exact problem and am also using Headway

    It is a theme conflict with headway, I am thinking about looking for another plugin actually. The visual editor for headway also conflicts with the all in one events calendar plugin but hopefully they are working on that one. This bug is probably not going to be fixed any time soon but you never know

    by the way you can do a work around and simply bump up your setting for number of posts to be displayed per page, that will fix the problem temporarily if you don’t have to many listing’s per category

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