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  • Hello. Last week we resized CataBlog thumbnails (in options) and were in the process of regenerating images when the progress bar stopped and the process froze. We suspect that our hosting provider was changing some ownership and directory permissions for us on the server (/plugins in particular) at the same time as the image regeneration was running.

    Now we are running into issues with CataBlog, where image regeneration freezing on the same image files, and many images do not have an associated permalink (Enable Individual Pages and Category Archives is enabled in options).

    All server directory ownerships and permissions, and all image files are normal and uncorrupted. WE DO SUSPECT that the there might be CataBlog db record corruption when the regenerate process was interrupted last week.

    1. Can anyone provide information as to how/where CataBlog stores its data, and/or how to troubleshoot CataBlog db issues?
    2. Can the CataBlog database records/structure/data be wiped to allow for a fresh re-install? Does Remove All CataBlog Data Systems option perform this? If so, how can I using phpMyAdmin to confirm that all CataBlog records, tables, etc. have been deleted?

    Any other suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Hello eCalm, you could carry the following.

    1) Create a backup of your website.
    2) Backup the catablog image folder on your server.
    3) Export the CataBlog settings.
    4) Uninstall and delete the CataBlog plugin and make sure that it has being completely deleted from your server.
    5) Install CataBlog again.
    6) Open your CataBlog and navigate to Systems and unlock your folder. Copy all the images you backed up in step 2 above. Rescan Original folder and then regenerate all images. You can also click on Remove all CataBlog data “but first make sure you have a back”, this action might fix your problem.

    I hope the above helps you.

    Kind regards

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