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  • Great plugin depsite my little image import issues.
    What would be great is to be able to insert shortcodes of other plugins in the description (see my remark about audio player).

    And be able to sort the order on alphabetic (title, tag and/or product code).

    Thank you macguru for your work and user support !

    Hi Zach,

    Thanks for all your help today. I’d like to make a request if possible (’cause I’m demanding like that! ;-P )

    …the option of having multiple PayPal accounts for more than one seller on a website.


    Hi Zach…

    Congratulations to the plugin (lovely simple and effective)

    but unfortunately I can not get the lightbox effect on the thumbnails of the catalog created!

    Using the wordpress version 3.0.1 and the plugin version 0.9.5

    If you are interested this is the link

    Thank you so much…

    Plugin Author macguru2000



    The new version of CataBlog,, has a new feature that lets you run your description text through all the current WordPress filters, effectively letting you insert shortcodes into your catalog item descriptions. Please be careful with this feature though, as it has some potential for problems, especially with larger more complex plugins. Also, never ever put the [catablog] shortcode into your description unless you want to cause a never ending loop that could break your blog. Good luck 😉

    – Zach

    Thank you very much Zach,

    That is a great new feature. I did not have time to test it yet but will asap.



    Hi Zach,

    I’m back! Catablog has been working perfectly – and it’s so simple & easy to use especially since you introduced tick boxes for the tags!

    I’ve had a request from some of the other sellers on the Picture House Antiques website. Would it be possible to have multiple images of the same item – sort of the way you can on eBay listings?

    Thanks again,



    Lovely plugin! Rated it 5 star already.

    Ok, here’s my feature request:
    When adding an item, it would be nice to have the tinymce interface.


    Little feature request: Be able to have a hover state on the paypal button 🙂

    Thank you !

    Plugin Author macguru2000


    It is very possible to make a hover state for the buy now button using the store tab in CataBlog Options. SImple modify your template so you give the final input tag a class, then go into your styles.css file and add the class and :hover pseudo class to the file. Something as easy as adding .catablog-buynow to the button template in CataBlog options and then .catablog-buynow:hover { color:red; } should work. If you want to make the graphic change I would recommend rethinking how the button works, perhaps CSS backgronud-image would be more appropriate for the button styling, then you can swap the image or change its position on hover. Good luck

    – Zach

    You mean catablog.css (plugin editor) or my styles.css (child theme) ?
    Tried the last one but I do not see any styling change. But I am a noob in styling.

    Plugin Author macguru2000


    Well actually I mean a few things, I guess the best way to do it would be lay it out in step. Sorry I didn’t convey it thoroughly in the last post.

    1. Go to the CataBlog Options Panel and switch to the Store tab. You must have something in the template section there if you are seeing “buy now” buttons. If you look at the HTML in that template it is basically a form.

    2 Change the last tag, an image type input, <input type="image"... />. You would probably want to switch that input tag to a submit button with a CSS class, perhaps .catablog-buynow.

    3. In any CSS file loaded by your template, perhaps style.css, you should set style code that sets a width, height and background image on the class from the last step, .catablog-buynow. Look into styling form elements online.

    4. Make sure to also set a CSS hover pseudo class for the submit button from the earlier steps, .catablog-buynow:hover.

    You might need to do some independent research but it is very possible to give a form element a class and control it with CSS on standard, active, hover and focus states. Good luck and let me know if you figure it out.

    By the way, you should never edit the catablog.css file within the plugin directory. You can make your own catablog.css file in the template directory which will get loaded and let you set CataBlog settings if you do not want to put your catalog style code into the theme’s styles.css file. In the next version the catablog.css stylesheet will only be loaded when catalogs are found on the current page.

    – Zach

    Thanks. Works like a charm !

    Plugin Author macguru2000


    Multiple Image Support has landed, check out the new beta and this article for more information.

    Hi Zach,

    You’re a STAR! I’ll download the beta update later on today and feed back!

    Hi Zach,

    How do I ‘manually update’ the default template? Do I need to add the %SUB-IMAGES% / class=”catablog-image catablog-subimage” to the default template? If so, whereabouts?

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