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  • Hi there

    About CataBlog catalog item.
    When I create catalog.
    found it cannot create with mutil-language (japan, Chinese) characters…
    It show “Please only use these characters in your category name: letters, numbers, space, dash and underscore.”

    Is it possible to accept mutil-language?


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  • Hi Jacgo,

    I limited the characters one may use in the category name for simplicity, it was not meant to offend anyone. Another person was wondering the same thing about not being able to use Cyrillic characters. Read more at the links below.

    This does not mean that the catalog item’s themselves don’t support non latin characters, just the category labels. Also, since the categories within CataBlog are used only in the WordPress Admin panels, they don’t have to match your site’s language.

    In the end I think it is unfair to label CataBlog as unable to “create with multi-language”. The category labels are limited, but these categories are used for filtering and not for any site content. I will be looking into expanding the range of characters a category name may have, but am a little worried that it might cause string matching errors in the code, we will see. One thing I know is that category names will never, ever support having a comma in them.

    If you want to setup your catalog to support multiple languages, I would use categories to separate out your Chinese, Japanese or English catalog items into different lists, and then change the ShortCode for each language.

    Just so everyone knows, CataBlog now supports non alphanumeric characters as of version 1.2.5. The only characters you may not use in a category name are commas and the html special characters < , ‘ & ” >. You may download the new version of CataBlog and learn more about it at

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    Hi Zach

    Bugs feedback.
    after upgrade to 1.2.5.

    When create new product image. This image is out of range block.
    also when “Regenerate Images”. got “SyntaxError” error.

    Please try it.
    Hope you can understand the meaning.



    Jacgo, was just going through the old threads and wanted to say that both of the 1.2.5 bugs you reported here are fixed now, I’d like to mark this thread as resolved…not sure you can, I can’t, but if you could that would be awesome. Thanks.


    sorry. I miss your message.

    Yes. the bugs had been fixed.

    Thanks so much for your help and reply.

    any bugs I will feedback you.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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