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  • Does anyone know how to install the cat-widget plugin. I tried to install it but couldn’t. I can find any doc on it. Just wants on the plugin itself.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    What is a ‘cat-widget’ ?
    Link ?

    err, I think he’s referring to my first attempt at a plugin. It allows me to filter categories from the get_archives() and get_calendar() functions. If this isn’t what you were talking about when you asked about a “cat-widget” plugin, then just ignore this reply.
    I’m guessing you were the anon of this post:
    I just replied at the bottom of that thread. Hope that helps.

    Thanks, I didn’t use the hacks showcat plugin of yours thanks.

    I tried the two hacked plugins and they don’t work. The monthly archives only showed aug but couldn’t click on it and the calendar worked the same. Still showing other cats I didn’t want to show up. I tried putting -3 and 1,2 in the code.

    Just to make sure, you used the functions added by the plugin, right? Either get_cats_archives() or wp_get_cats_archives() for the archive lists and get_cats_calendar() for the calendar?
    I’m using them like this: <?php get_cats_calendar('1','1'); ?> or <?php get_cats_archives('monthly','','html','','',true,'1'); ?> and <?php wp_get_cats_archives('category=1'); ?>
    If you are using those functions, and with valid arguments, then I’ll be happy to help you debug the problem.
    btw, check that other thread again for another followup post.

    I used <?php get_cats_calendar(‘1′,’1’); ?> and <?php get_cats_archives(‘monthly’,”,’html’,”,”,true,’1′); ?>

    this is my code
    <li id=”archives”><?php _e(‘Archives:’); ?>

      <php get_cats_archives( ‘monthly’,”,’html’,”,”,true,’1,2′ ); ?>

    <li id=”calendar”>
    <?php get_cats_calendar( ‘1’,’1,2′ ); ?>

    Anon, email me the link to the page and I’ll see what I can do.. b at qogo dot com
    Are you using WP 1.2? Are posts in multiple categories?

    I am using this plugin. It worked OK for a while, but now it lists all posts, no matter what.
    The strange thing is I get this:
    August (2)
    2 is correct as it is only two posts in the only category (id 15) i want to show. However, all posts are listed when i click the August link.
    I use this line to get the archives filtered:
    <?php get_cats_archives( ‘monthly’,”,’html’,”,”,true,’15’ ); ?>
    As I said, this has worked all the time but suddenly it now acts strange.

    Have you found other ways around this issue meanwhile?
    @anyone (and burt in partucular if you are here?)
    I am using the Burt-modified ShowCategories plugin instead of the one from Kitten. What is the difference between the two? how can I tilize the difference?

    Hi there Burt.
    Has something happened here?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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