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    Case Study URL:
    (note: site is dedicated to warning people against JW. It is not an advocate of JW. I’m not affiliated to this website, I merely saw the webmaster’s posting on WordPress Support forum, and was fascinated by such a well-designed site)

    This site has everything (except for a photogallery) I would have hoped for in my own WordPressed site. As i list its features down below, perhaps any one of you could reply to any or every of them by stating or suggesting how i could achieve that feature…thanks!

    Great Features:
    1) The header! It moves! It looks like a flash header, and the right portion of it changes accordingly to the categories. The logo of the site on the left glows and blinks upon mouse hovering. Super cool.

    2) On the main body, the heading has a static section, “about this site” and “news from the net”, which is constantly updating, via some plugins i suppose.

    3) Look at its guestbook. It is so simple. Yet i do not know how to make one.

    4) Notice that every image he quoted on each posting has a standard picture frame with drop shadow and of the same size. I wonder if he manually edited each image in PS before he uploaded them, or he’s using certain plugins to automate that action….

    5) another neat feature: the web directory (not sure if that’s the correct term). What i mean is this: in my own WordPress site (by default), whenever i create something, say a post or a page a category a link, WP will naturally give it a directory ending with ” /?(something)=(number) “. That is not cool. Look at this case study, every link in it has a defined and neat web directory, ie, the link “Guest Book” has this url “”. If i would create a Page and name it Guest Book, it will turn out with this url, “ number”. I’ve seen many WordPress site having this feature, i would love to implement this too. Adivice? Solution?

    6) The theme, as admitted by the author, is heavily modified from kubrick. and he doesnt plan to realise it publicly. How sad. Anyone knows how to build one similar to this?

    Haha, i know i’m asking a lot. And i don’t expect answers for all of them. But just shoot, no matter how little or inaccurate you think you might be. I value any advice and opinions. Let’s share and learn, cheers.

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  • 1) A uick look at the source html shows, that yes it is a flash image.
    2) Actualy it’s probably a combination of custom code inthe index.php file and a maybe a plugin.
    3) There are guestbook plugins available
    4) There’s a way to do that using CSS
    5) Turn on your permalinks option…. if your host has mod_rewrite turned on and allows you to have your own .htaccess file (some don’t for some reason and this will cause a 500 internal server error)
    6) Anything is possible…


    Yes it look very modified and looks very nice!

    also check out this discussion about how was created…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    content="WordPress 1.3-alpha-3"
    Upgrading would be a good move.

    … and was fascinated by such a well-designed site””

    screenshot (Firefox 1.07)

    well-designed is a website if it is usable well in(all) the most browser
    kindly regards

    @techgnome: thanks for the succinct response, would you mind elaborating on pt 3,4, and 5?
    @allotherplaces: thanks for that wonderful thread, i’m going thru it now.
    @podz: i have no idea he’s using 1.3A, still look pretty decent to me at least, 🙂
    @monika: that’s weird, i’m using FF107 as well and i tried IE6 and everything turn out fine, hmm, what’s going on? i noticed the fonts you have on ur screenshot are different from what i’m seeing….

    3) search or or

    4) a)

    5) Login to your admin page, click “Options” then “Permalinks” In the “Structure” box, set the appropriate settings to your liking. Click “Update Permalink Structure” — View your site and browse around. IF YOU GET 500 Internal Server Errors instead of your blog, then go back to the Permalink settings page and clear the structure box and click the Update button. Odds are your host does not support .htaccess usage. You’ll need to contact them at that point to find out.


    Thanks a bunch TechGnome, I got the permalinks working! Woohoo! reading and learning pt 3 and 4. Ok, i think all my questions have been touched and answered, gonna let it rest for now. Thanks again to all who contributed 🙂



    That is a long URL 😉 nice features though, good job!

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