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    Hi all! I’m having a bit of trouble in Firefox at my new site:

    Everything is working great, except my header image (and less frequently the rest of my bg images) doesn’t always load in Firefox! If I hit the refresh button a few times (sometimes holding shift) they’ll appear and dissappear seemingly at random (1 out of 4 refreshes maybe?). The header image seems to be replaced by the middle background image.

    Funny thing, if I right click and say “View Background Image” it shows the correct image! And when I press the back button, it’s loaded and looking fine! Yargh! Why can’t it load right the first time? IE does it just fine.

    This is my first WordPress site, my first major foray into CSS. I’ve run the HTML and CSS validators, and have basically an error free site (The two errors I do get can be fixed, but do not effect the problem at hand.) I will admit that I’ve gotten lost in code a number of times, so I would not be surprised if it was something silly on my part.

    Any help at all would amazing and awesome. I’m at my wits end – I’m so close to being done!

    Thanks all!!

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  • It always loads for me. Maybe your browser is messed up. Is it up-to-date? Possibly some firefox extensions?

    By the way, the animation cracked me up

    One thing to look at as a cause for this:

    (That is, see if this loading in the headerSpacer div is in part responsible for the vanishing background).

    Hey guys! Thanks for looking into this for me – I really appreciate it.

    Alphaoide – Surprising to me, I was still running Firefox 1.0! I updated to 1.5, very excited that this was the problem, but no. It still does the same thing. The only extension I have installed is Flashgot and the DOM Inspector. Very strange it’s working for you, but not for me!

    Kafkaesqui – I took out that entire div section, and got ride of the spacer, just to see. Still the same thing. Were you just guessing on that being the culprit, or was I doing something wrong by putting it there?

    I guess I’ll throw this out there too – Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Multiple refreshing of my page causing the header not to load in Firefox?

    THanks again everyone!

    Hrmm…So, I followed the commented instructions in Kubrick about installing a personalheader image the first time around. I decided just now to delete that part, put my personalheader up where the orignal kubrickheader image was being referenced. Worked like a charm! Very odd though. I wonder why no one else was having issues like mine?

    Anyway, it’s fixed, and I’m happy. Thanks again for the help guys!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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