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  • Why is it hardly anyone comments on mod_rewrite posts? Or is it just me they don’t like? Just kidding. But I do think it’d be a good idea to recruit a new Support Maven who’s expert at mod_rewrite. There are 1 or 2 Mavens here who do know it well, but the forum needs more imho.

    Anyway, I posted about this at & one of the members wrote a few lines of rules & now just about all images are displaying. Phew, what a load off my mind.

    If anyone should be converting fr. TP to WP & would like to see my rules send me an e mail & I’m happy to share.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    As I explained to you in an email, mod_rewrite is a specialist area and I know of only 2 people who can fairly easily produce rewrite rules. Unfortunately, neither frequent these forums and we can’t “recruit” anyone – every bit of help here is offered freely by volunteers. No-one is paid anything for answering questions – even mavens.

    WordPress code is PHP, database code is SQL and rewrite rules belong in the world of apache. Each language is very very different and an expert in one could be a clueless newb in another. As you have found out, looking elsewhere is sometimes the option – and that is not a fault in WordPress, these forums or any lack of mavens – it’s just the way it is.

    As for your rewrite rules, have you considered sharing them at the Codex ? that way you could spare someone else the frustrations you have gone through.

    Thanks for that suggestion. I didn’t know you could start your own Codex pg. or topic or whatever. I suggested to Carthik that he do something like what you mentioned above but he felt that each of these conversions is unique due to factors specific to a particular individual installation. Therefore, he wasn’t sure it was worth writing it up.

    But I think it should be out there anyway. If something’ s specific to my Typepad installation, then hopefully someone having a similar problem will be able to adapt Carthik & Justin’s solutions to their own situation.

    BTW, I didn’t mean to sound like I found fault with WP or the forums for not having a mod_rewrite expert among the support mavens. It was meant as a suggestion. If WP is to attract more conversion fr. TP to WP then I think it’s imperative that there be more help available in the areas of permalink redirection, mod_rewrite, htaccess, image filename redirects, conversion, etc.

    You’re certainly right that mod_rewrite isn’t directly connected to WP but rather lies in the realm of the Apache server. But if someone like me can only get their blog functioning as they want it to using mod_rewrite then it becomes a WP problem by default. That is, unless one prefers to say to people like me–get through it by your own wits & those of any others you can scrounge up elsewhere on the web.

    And btw, I tried most of the various Codex suggestions about MT conversion to WP. They just didn’t work for me for various reasons.

    Podz: I’m willing to try my hand at adding my mod_rewrite rules to the Codex. But could you help me figure out where they should go? I’ve read the Guidelines to contributing & I figured a good place to put them is in the same category as ‘Importing from MT to WP ‘ ( ) which is in both ‘Installation’ & ‘Getting Started.’ But I can’t seem to find the right page from which to create the link to my new pg. Could you give me the link to the pg. in the same area/category where MT to WP Import is? That would help start me off…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    What you need to do first is create a new page under your username.

    All new pages have to be created this way, then they are looked over and checked by those that know much much more about what’s in Codex and when all is good it is moved to a proper page. This is done for several reasons: to avoid repetition, for good organisation and to reduce the chance of someone seeing and acting upon incomplete information.

    So assuming you have registered, edit that page and just start adding your info. I’ll tell Lorelle and MichaelH that you are working on this too.

    Thanks very much for that info. Under Codex contribution guidelines, I think it tells you to start the new pg. differently than what you mentioned above. So it’s good to know what’s the right way to do it.

    Let me make sure I understand how to start a new pg: I click on my username at the top of the pg, then “Discussion,” then go to “User talk:Richards1052” & click on the “+” link? There I get a blank edit box. Is that where I start my article?

    I have only a little experience with editing wikis & not via the Codex so all this is a little new to me. I have read the guidelines though not in explicit detail yet.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The Discussion Page is where people can leave notes for you.

    You have two ways. On your User Page, click Edit, then:
    – just type where you have
    -create a link and use the new page you just linked to
    [[ My Rewrite Rules]]

    Using the second methods means you can keep your User page clear for an introduction (and whatever else) while you create the Rewrite page.

    Thanks to Podz and everyone for helping on this. We got him all set up and ready to go.

    While the Codex can be intimidating, it can also be a lot easier to use than disecting the WordPress Loop. 😉

    In fact, it’s a LOT easier to use than HTML stuff.

    Thanks Team!!!

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