• I checked the waterfall, 3 plugins WooCoommerce, CartFlows & Page Builder load the most. Most requests come from those plugins and only on pages built by CartFlow their js, CSS is not combined to reduce requests.

    In this demo site, I only install those 3 plugins, Hosting Location US, check the speed from the US. Using the default WordPress theme. It still loads 83 requests on a single checkout page, It took 4.5 to 8.3s to load a checkout page, just imagine how much money will be lost.

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    I wanted to take some time before I responded to your review. This week I found the time and wrote a detailed post on the CartFlows website showing multiple performance tests plus all the results.

    Here is a link to that post https://cartflows.com/cartflows-and-website-performance/

    TL;DR CartFlows adds a mere 6 requests to checkout pages but will also lower the total page size because we don’t load your theme’s header/footer.

    I would encourage you to read the response there because there is a limitation on what I can write here and can’t show images.

    Performance has always been a high priority for the entire CartFlows team.

    The main factors affecting the performance of any website are:
    – Your website hosting choice
    – What theme you are using on your website
    – What plugins are on your website
    – What you place on the page you are testing

    CartFlows being only one part of your website, we don’t have full control over the entire experience because:
    – We are not deciding which hosting service you should use
    – We are not deciding what theme you should use
    – We are not deciding which plugins you should use
    – We are not deciding what you place on the pages you are testing

    Anything you add to your website “technically” has an impact on performance. When you add an image, it increases the total page size and adds a request. If you add 20 images, well that’s 20 additional requests. When you add an icon, choose a color for a background, or when you write a paragraph of text, they all have an impact. You “technically” could say “adding an image to your website will cause your website to be slow” but that doesn’t stop nearly every website from using images.

    The point I am trying to make is if adding something to your website adds a benefit, why wouldn’t you add it? This is why we add images, videos, icons, and text to our website pages. If adding an image on your checkout page will lead to higher conversion because your potential buyers can see themselves, add it! If having a trust guarantee badge on your checkout page helps your buyer to feel more secure in their purchase, add it!

    So the answer, based on the numbers above, is CartFlows will not slow down your website one bit. While CartFlows adds a mere 6 request only to the checkout page, it also reduces the total page size because it eliminates your theme’s header and footer. Keep in mind the huge benefits of using CartFlows on your website.

    As you saw in my tests, the fully loaded time was fast and that’s because I use quality hosting. However, I would still feel comfortable if the fully loaded time was twice as long because I know this is the fully loaded time and the reality is, the website visitor is not waiting this long for everything to load. You web page loads as each item loads, not after every request is downloaded. So in reality, the visitor is not staring at a blank white page for 2.4 seconds or whatever the load time is based on your hosting.

    All that being said, from the testing, using CartFlows will add only 6 requests on checkout pages made with CartFlows, but will also lower the total page size because we eliminate the header/footer of your theme.

    Also, requests are not as an important metric as you would think because of HTTP/2. It is an indicator though of how much care a product put into performance and with CartFlows only adding 6 requests for all the added functionality & increased conversions, you can clearly see that performance is our highest priority so you can focus on growing your business

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    Have you add the Paypal payment method or other payment methods in the test? As I remember Paypal has some requests

    One of the things I want to say is Cart Flow use Page Builder such as Elementor, Divi,… but doesn’t allow optimize plugin as WP-Rocket, Autoptimize, Cloudflare to optimize the page builder’s file.

    I want to take a look at your example site to see what I am missing but seem like it already taken down.

    And You didn’t reply to my support request until I put a negative review.

    Seriously stop blaming for hosting in my case. Other page loads extremely fast except page create by Cart Flow, seems like it block plugin like WP-rocket,… for optimize combine css, js

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    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    The tests were done with the official PayPal Checkout plugin installed and configured.

    The site for the testing is still online as of right now. We may take it down in the next day or two because anyone can replicate the results by following what we did in the blog post. Over time there may be slight differences as the theme and plugins release updates, but they would be minor.

    I think your site had WooCommerce Checkout Feild Editor Pro installed and active on your website.

    In regards to the statement that we didn’t reply to your support request, we respond to all support request in 12 – 24 hours unless its the weekend. For your support request, we did respond in this timeframe. I’m not sure what you were expecting from us beyond that. We are more than responsive in the forums here and via our ticket desk. For all CartFlows Pro users, we ask that they use the proper ticket desk for support.

    You asked a question on the support forum here, we responded to it within hours. After our response to you, you made a statement back, but I don’t see what further support was needed since this isn’t a support issue.

    So to recap, we offer CartFlows here for free to users. It costs us significant amounts of money to develop CartFlows, offer it for free, and to offer free support, but we are happy to give people a way to increase the sales on their websites through the use of sales funnels. In a short 18 months, we went from zero users to nearly 100k users. I personally know many of our users who extensively use CartFlows to generate multiple seven figures per year. Normal people that went from struggling to multiple millions per year. CartFlows is a tool that works and can make a huge difference … if you let it.

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    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    As I said, you put in a support request, we responded within hours. You later added a statement, didn’t ask a question, so we felt there was nothing to respond to.

    If you had asked another question, we would have gladly answered it just like we do every day in the support forms here.

    If you felt like we had not answered a question you asked, you could have simply reasked it or opened a support ticket on our website. Both of those options would have been a more fair way to proceed vs writing this review, but we are open to all suggestions and are happy to further explain how website performance works.

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    I was expected a response on my “statement”, to see was my test wrong and how can I optimize the speed. But thanks anyway. I’ve used other tools by the time waiting.

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