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    I am using percentages for coupon codes, and they are not giving the full amount when there is a minimum order amount. If there is no minimum, it calculates the discount amount just fine.

    Example: Minimum order=$100.00, first item price=$2.25, order total=$112.50, discount=25%, discount amount=$0.56. It is way too low, should be $28.13, not 56 cents!!!

    It seems that the discount is only being calculated on the first item put into the cart…

    Any ideas?

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  • update: a quick and dirty workaround, not exactly what I wanted, but changed the discount to apply to cart total, and it works.

    It is supposed to discount all products if it is applied to products and the product list is blank, and only to the products in the list if applied to shipping only or cart total…

    I really don’t want to apply the discount to the shipping, just the total of all the products before shipping…maybe I will have to list all products in the list?

    ok, tried it with apply to products, listed products, added 10 of one of the listed products, and it still only calculates on 1 of the products instead of all 10 of them…wish I could find the place it calculates to fix this!

    I have the same problem. Did you find a fix or does anyone else have any ideas?

    Maybe a stupid question, but where does the buyer enter a promotion code? I created one to apply to all products to save £5. I expected a field in the checkout for the buyer to enter the promotional code, but nothing is showing. Is there some other flag I need to turn on to activate promotions?


    At the shopping cart PAGE.

    Pants, I was going straight to the checkout. Thanks Chumbo



    I’m having this same issue. I’ve filled out 2 support tickets already and the issue still hasn’t been fixed.

    I think I have figured it out: there are 2 fields for max. redemptions, one is general, and one is per order. I have set the general one to a very large number, and the per order one to 100 (in case someone ever orders a lot of items….).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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