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Cart66 Lite Order Receipt and Excel Report Problem (1 post)

  1. alphamediahouse
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I just started using Cart 66 Lite - Great plugin, however this seems to be the only place I can come to for "lite" support. I've noticed two problems when testing out a purchase.

    I'm using Paypal Standard to process the payment, and if I chose the "dont have a paypal account, pay as a guest" option where you can enter a credit card, I fill all that out with the proper information for billing, and then I change the shipping address to something different.

    There's two problems with this:
    A) The order receipt shows the billing address and shipping address both being the same. Which isn't a big deal, because ultimately it's using the shipping address as both so atleast you'd be shipping the product to the right address. However, is there a way for this to display the accurate information or not since it's processed through paypal?

    B) Problem #2- The Excel file. If I export the excel file for the month, It shows the billing address and shipping address being the same again - However the problem is it's missing "Shipping Address 2". For example, if there's a suite number, or an apartment number, It's not carrying over that information. I.e.- I put the shipping address as 123 Test Lane, Suite C, Cityname, TX, 77001 The order receipt shows it all on one line as 123 Test Lane Suite C - which is fine but the excel file completely dropped the "Suite C" which could cause big problems in the future.

    Has anyone else had this problem or how can I fix it?

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