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  • Hello,

    I’m using cart66 lite for wordpress and everything seemed fine until i try to add a product to the cart. I get a message stating:

    readystate: 4
    status: 200

    No item goes into the cart.

    I don’t know what’s wrong and I’m really confused. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  • David


    This error is usually due to javascript conflicts with a theme or plugin. What’s the URL to your site? I can see if I can pinpoint a problematic plugin or theme from the front end.

    I’m having a similar problem. I’m using Cart66 Professional, we’re getting an error (readyState 4 status 403) when selecting the product on this page.

    At some point it seemed to magically start working properly, however when the product is added to the cart, then deleted, a different product pops up in its place. In this case, a single issue was deleted and a full year subscription appeared. I’m unsure what to do, I thought it might have been a conflict with the WP Super Cache plugin, but I deactivated it and the issue is still there.

    Any light you can shine on this would be hugely appreciated!



    @dylan277, try disabling your Sharebar plugin.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick. I turned all the plugins off to test and no dice, still doing it. What’s strange is I feel like this is a new development. We had quite a few sales without any issue.
    Is there anything else we can do?



    I can see that your cache plugin is causing problems right now.

    You may also want to check this page:

    What browser are you using? Honestly, this error you mentioned is not even showing up for me. Did you clear your browser’s cache/cookies after disabling the plugins? If you switch to the default TwentyTwelve WordPress theme, does the error go away for you?

    I deactivated and deleted the cache plugin. I also had the
    Bad Behavior plugin activated, which I now deactivated. I have been using a variety of different browsers while clearing caches.

    Things seem to be working fine now. Thanks for the link to Cart66’s plugin compatibility issues too. I don’t know why I still had an issue when I deactivated the cache plugin, maybe completely deleting it did the trick.

    I really appreciate the help David, hopefully I won’t need anymore.



    Great! Glad to hear it’s working.


    Same problem here.
    Tried to remove wp cache, deactivatng plugins etc.

    My last resort (After deactivating the inventory tracking) was to reset to the twenty eleven theme – got this message:

    Warning: preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: Compilation failed: PCRE does not support \L, \l, \N{name}, \U, or \u at offset 15 in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/cart66/models/Cart66Product.php on line 197

    Does this says anything to anyone? 🙂



    @ollieslock, do you have USD in your currency field? If you are using ‘$’ just leave both currency settings blank and they’ll default to ‘$’. Using USD will cause the error you are seeing.

    Im having a similar problem but only with IE8, IE9. I get a “Message from webpage readyState: 4 status: 200. Most of my users are on IE so this is becoming a problem. I’ve de-activated all plugins to no avail.

    Hi again!

    I spoke to their support team and got great help.
    The error in my website was the bad currency configuration.

    Try it maybe it’s the same problem.

    Andre Fredette (Support)
    May 07 18:39 (EDT)
    First off, I found and fixed the problem with that error. The issue was you had set the currency character to “USD” instead of $ ( This field is for setting the symbol used in the text output of your currency’s symbol. The “USD” was confusing the parser for your variations and throwing that error.
    Secondly, you can add products to posts, pages, or both depending on what you want and what is convenient. Often customers will organize products in pages and then insert add to cart buttons in a blog post referencing that product. Functionally though, you can do whatever you want.
    Cart66 Support

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