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  • I installed cart66 ecommerce WP plugin. I really like the plugin.
    The url for my store is I am using a gantry based premium theme, with some changes to the themes style css for further customization. Clicking the buy button (the “add to cart button” with the default text changed) I get returned “YOUR CART IS EMPTY” on the cart page. I turned off cache, opened the page in firefox, deactivated then reactivated cart66, deactivated plugins one by one, etc. and nothing worked until I activated the wordpress Twentytwelve theme and it fixed the problem. When I changed back to my original theme, the cart and checkout page looked good for the session I initiated in Twentytwelve but I get the cart empty message again when I initiate a new session (i.e. click the add to cart button) with my original theme active. I get the following cart 66 error log entry when I add to cart in my original theme:

    “Creating a new session
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:08:49 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 144] _loadSession() was unable to load the session id: No Session Id Provided
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:08:49 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 160] Creating a new session
    ======= ADMIN REQUEST =======
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:17:03 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 89] Not starting Cart66 session for admin request”

    line 144 begins an if/else
    ‘if($sessionId) {
    $sql = “select * from $tableName where session_id = %s order by id desc”;
    $sql = $wpdb->prepare($sql, $sessionId);
    $data = $wpdb->get_row($sql, ARRAY_A);
    if($data && self::_isValid($data)) {
    self::$_userData = unserialize($data[‘user_data’]);
    self::$_data = $data;
    $loaded = true;
    else {
    $sessionId = “No Session Id Provided”;’
    the remainder lines 160 and 89 referenced in the error log are the consequences of failing to load the session id.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like the cart66 plugin and I like the look of my site and would like to keep both. Thanks.

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