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    Hi – I’m trying to edit my cart which has some misaligned text – the WooCommerce plugin was bundled as part of a theme, but there are no options for editing content alignment, cell padding etc in the theme options. The page itself is simply a global template which is calling the shortcode function [woocommerce-cart].

    Can any kind soul point me to the correct file to edit, or provide some custom CSS which will override this? It looks unprofessional and I’m not good enough with code to sniff out where the issue is arising.

    Please see image for example

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  • That does look bad. If it’s a commercial theme, you should let the theme developer know so they can fix it. If not, and you can post a link to the actual site here, someone can look at the CSS involved and give you a quick fix, which you can just add to the Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS block for the active theme. No need to edit any files with that handy WordPress addition.

    If you want to learn to fix this kind of thing yourself, you can use the Developer Tools in Chrome or Firefox to find the associated CSS and play around with it live. Just right-click on the text that’s misaligned and choose “Inspect” in Chrome or “Inspect Element” in Firefox.

    Hi – thanks for the response; I’d love to contact the developer but I purchased the theme through Envato, and support was only for six months.I physically cannot contact support (Themefusion are the developer) without a current support agreement as I am required to supply a purchase code to register for their support page, and even their community support forum (which, by rights, should be free).

    This has now expired, and I’m not willing to pay again for extended support to enable me to ask them to fix something which should not have been shipped in this state, so ideally I’d like to fix it myself; I’m also keen to learn about these things so I can self-administrate the problem should it occur elsewhere. Thanks for the tip with the Inspect tool, schoolboy error, I’d forgotten to try that, so I’ll check it out. The site isn’t live yet but I’ll post details of the element if I can’t sort it myself. Cheers!

    Fixed it 🙂

    Managed to dig out the correct element ID and applied vertical-align: center; & text-indent: 15px; to it, does the job perfect. Thanks for the pointer!

    Good work! I’m glad you got it working.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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