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    Has anyone had or seen this issue with wc 2.02?
    A coupon using a set amount of currency will work, only the cart amount give error.
    When entered ie: 10% and hit Publish, the error is “please enter a number” and if just enter a number, it accepts it but coupon won’t work. Thanks

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  • I should add that this is with a wootheme and woocommerce as the only plugin active.

    my coupon code is not working either. Everything seems fine i do not get an error message. but it still doesnt work. you do not see a price reduction in the total

    Woocommerce has been updated many times since this post and the coupon setup is a bit different and changed a bit in 2.0
    ie; don’t enter 10% any longer, just enter the number 10 in the box
    Good luck

    its for a cart or product discount and Im not entering the $ sign just the value. I made sure to select my product categories and left the excluded categories blank. Im using the newest version of woocommerce also.Help Ive tried everything and nothing has worked.

    Try making a coupon with just the Cart % Discount
    and use the # 10 for 10%
    Uncheck everything, no conditions at all and see if it works.
    Work backwards from there.

    still not working. i did just as you instructed.

    That’s pretty much all of it when it comes to coupons. If you were able to create a coupon successfully and use it, the problem may be elsewhere and that can be a big elsewhere.
    Not having any more details, i don’t know where to steer you.
    Do you have a link I can see?

    It hasn’t ever worked..the site has only been up for a few months and I have not been able to fix it yet..the website address is

    What is the coupon code and for what amount?

    I see you have a Themeforest theme and mixed in with a skeleton theme code.
    The theme page is contradictory with the revisions specs.
    You may want to check with them for current issues.
    Ultimately, to put your concerns to rest, you may want to try downloading a free Wootheme optimized for woocommerce and see if that works with your setup.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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