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  • Hello,

    Iam using woocommerce plugin.. ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ pages looks empty.. Though clicked ‘Add to cart’ button for some products, iam seeing nothing in cart and checkout pages.. It seems that its some sort of sessions problem!

    i tried clearing all cookies, caches etc in all my browsers and checked in every browser, BUT still looking empty in those 2 pages.. Donnt know why..

    BTW, iam testing in localhost using wamp server… so, the issue is becasue of using wamp?

    awaitin responses!

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  • did you configure the woocommerce settings on the pages tab?

    WC will create the pages for you, but you have to select them in the settings, as well.
    the pages themselves will be empty. They’re just placeholders so you can select them from the wc settings>pages section.


    thnx for your quick reply!

    In pages section: each page is selected automatically in it… I mean Cart selected to its respective ‘cart’ page…

    I really didnt udnerstood what I have to do more in that page…

    Can you please be bit brief..?

    I’m not sure what the issue is then.
    woocommerce works perfectly fine on localhost servers

    when I click ‘view cart’ button, the site going to:

    http://localhost/mydomain/store/cart/ (how to remove ‘store’ in url?)

    and the above url output showing as:

    Your Shopping Cart


    and also any idea for this:

    and iam vm thankful to you for your time! 🙂

    Is the shop page not set as the parent of the cart?

    I would say check the permalinks settings on the pages tab in the wc settings, but that only seems to refer to products and categories.

    also, I’m looking at my “cart” page, and I see this shortcode:

    so, I guess maybe you had another ecommerce plugin installed previously?

    i just removed prev code and i added [woocommerce_cart], now iam getting output….

    thanks lot! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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