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  • The url for my store is I am using a gantry based theme, with some changes to the themes style css for further customization. Clicking the buy button (the “add to cart button” with the default text changed) I get returned “YOUR CART IS EMPTY” on the cart page. I turned off cache, opened the page in firefox, deactivated then reactivated cart66, deactivated plugins one by one, tried to add to cart as a user vs a wordpress administrator, etc. and nothing worked until I activated the wordpress Twentytwelve theme and it fixed the problem. When I changed back to my original theme, the cart and checkout page looked good for the session I initiated in Twentytwelve but I get the cart empty message again when I initiate a new session (i.e. click the add to cart button) with my original theme active. I get the following cart 66 error log entry when I add to cart in my original theme:

    here are my cart 66 error log entries
    “Creating a new session
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:08:49 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 144] _loadSession() was unable to load the session id: No Session Id Provided
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:08:49 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 160] Creating a new session
    ======= ADMIN REQUEST =======
    [LOG DATE: 01/28/2013 10:17:03 pm – Server time zone UTC]
    [Cart66SessionDb.php – line 89] Not starting Cart66 session for admin request”

    I checked and do not have any caching plugs enabled. I like the cart66 plugin and I like the look of my site and would like to keep both. Changing themes is not an option as it took me weeks to get the theme configured the way I want. Please help.

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  • shortj

    I can see your shop is now working. Did you simply use an older version of the plugin or did you find a different solution?

    Unfortunately I could not get cart66 to work so my plan B was to build it with eshop for now but bring the cart66 store pages on line if the issue is resolved. The cart is empty cart 66 error rpersists but eshop works with my gantry based theme. Cart66 support identified the problem as follows.

    “They are not calling the wp_footer() function which is required for Cart66 to work properly…..
    When building a WordPress theme, generally you have a footer.php page which includes this function. The theme framework you are using has its own function that prints out scripts etc, but does not utilize the wp_footer function itself”

    They said they have other gantry users who are having this issue because the theme developer does not include the wp_footer() function.

    The theme developers are ltroubleshooting the problem now. I rolled back 2 earlier versions of cart66 liite on a WP 3.5.1 test sitevand got the same cart empty error for both earlier versions. i thought about rolling back to the earlier version of WP but I would be just postponing the inevitable since I would eventually update WP.

    You can still get to my cart66 store at . The store pages accessible from the main menu were built with the eshop WP plugin. They take the visitor to …/shop . Now the theme developers are looking into the issue with the footer function.

    Thanks, for the detailed reply shortj. Hope they get this sorted.




    This is a javascript or jQuery conflict coming from your theme. I would recommend contacting your theme developer for assistance.

    I have noticed other websites using the same framework with the same issues. It looks like the folks who built this framework have some bugs to work out!

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