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    I really like what you all are doing with this plugin! It seems powerful while leaving the author in control of what happens (unlike some that try to read your mind and do *way* too much on their own 🙂

    But, before I dload and unleash this plugin on my site, I have a question about how to format my spreadsheet:

    I’ve read up on storing multiple values for a specific key (eg the custom field “color” having the values “red”, “blue” and “green”) and then (in my template files) creating an array of the values and using them all over. It’s perfect.

    However, it requires that I input the values into the custom fields separated by carriage returns. Easy as oatmeal when I do it by hand, big bummer when I have hundreds to do….

    So, can I have carriage returns in my spreadsheet cells? Is there a special way I should format them for the plugin?

    Hopefully this was clear!
    Cheers, Candi

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  • Zara Walsh



    Finally someone who sees the point to our plugin. Yes we do not assume anything and are designing CSV 2 POST to avoid limiting the author to common requirements or what we think users want.

    Sandbox rather than step-by-step is how we are phrasing it.


    As for your question. I recommend a comma separated string of values i.e. red,blue,green. Have them in a column named “colors” or something. Then in CSV 2 POST setup a custom field named “colors”…or something, assign your “colors” column to that custom field. Then either have your theme handle the string of values, listing them properly with styling OR CSV 2 POST can split the string of values and handle them individually in any way required during post creation so that they are included in your posts content as a list or however else you wish to use them such as a form menu. Might need a little upgrade to make it happen but it wouldn’t be a lot of work.

    Late Reply!

    Now I’m deeply sorry your post was missed, 1 month is not good. I just asked Ryan about it and it seems he thought it was another post set to Not Resolved. It seems that other post was changed to resolved by the creator and over December he has been thinking the 1 post not resolved is still the same one so never went looking.

    Again very sorry. I hope you found a solution.

    Zara Walsh


    Oh I meant to say.

    It is always recommended not to include any HTML or CSS in CSV files for auto-blogging. We can add structure and styling during post creation.

    Makes for a lighter CSV file also.

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