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    Does anyone know when Carousel/JetPack coming to self hosted WP?

    I can’t wait for Carousel.


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  • It has not yet been announced. So … no one knows.

    I don’t have the link but when Carousel was announced for there was mention by the poster who indicated it would be coming in a future release of JetPack. That’s why I’m asking.


    Your Memories Take Center Stage with the New Photo Carousel

    Yeah, actually Matt Thomas said:

    Yes — we’ll be looking at adding the Carousel to a future version of Jetpack.

    That doesn’t mean we will get it, just that we might, and they are looking at it. It’s not as easy as a simple copy/paste code job, since self0-hosted installs are far more diverse 🙂

    Sure, all of that is true. I wasn’t disputing that. I just thought I’d ask if anyone had an idea when it’s coming. Thomas did sort of throw it out there.

    I guess I should have asked when/if it’s coming since neither Thomas nor you are indicating it’s a definite. Actually quite the contrary.

    I’d even suspect that since the activities over at are the money maker and I’m assuming WP makes no money from self hosted that that’s where their main interest would be. It would even be to their advantage to keep more attractive than self hosted.

    But anyway, all I was really asking for was a date, or “don’t know” or “it’s not gonna come”.


    It has not yet been announced. So … no one knows.

    As I said 😉 Dunno. No one knows. I would speculate that it’s on the shelf until after 3.3 comes out, and probably the core-dev meeting at the end of the year. They’ll formally announce it when they have something. Until then, it’s a possibility and we have to wait. Which sucks, but there we are :/

    Yeah, I really like how Carousel looks. It will be cool to have that on self hosted. I’d be willing to pay for that as a plugin.

    I signed up for the JetPack email notices so I guess I’ll hear about it when it’s out.

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    As of June 7th this is what Michael D Adams (Automattican) said:

    We’re working on including’s Carousel feature in Jetpack right now, actually.

    Still no ETA. But I’ve found this (yes, it’s the subversion repository for Jetpack that contains the Carousel module, and clearly they are working on it).

    Cool! Great work! Right now I’m using NextGEN for my galleries and it’s great. But what I don’t like is the process of creating the galleries, and that it’s somewhat separate from the WP workflow. It will be nice to be drop some pics in a post and have them be a slideshow. With NextGEN I have to create the slideshow first.

    Yea! It’s here! Thanks guys!

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