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    I’m scratching my head a little bit about Jetpack’s Carousel on mobile devices. I often like to use “single column galleries” (Classic Editor) to create what’s essentially a “picture stack”. On larger screens that works really well and I know that some visitors like the distraction free viewing experience.

    On mobile devices though, when a visitor taps on the image, what they see in Carousel is actually SMALLER than what’s shown in the normal view already.

    The same happens for single images when they’re linked to their attachment pages (Jetpack adds the Carousel to those as well, which is really nice, btw.).

    I know that there is a plugin by @stevengliebe to disable Carousel on mobile devices – it still works as far as I can see, but it is also 5 years old, and has been removed from the official plugin repository.

    Instead of relying on a very old & discontinued plugin, is there a built-in way to disable Carousel on small screen devices altogether?

    And/or are there any plans perhaps to improve Carousel on mobile devices so that the image isn’t actually smaller than what’s on screen already anyway?

    Screenshot 1: blog view with single image on mobile device https://www.dropbox.com/s/ef5ad0d2a7db9p7/Carousel-Mobile-1.png?dl=0
    Screenshot 2: same image on mobile in Carousel https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrza80gu5nogc2x/Carousel-Mobile-2.png?dl=0

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  • Tracy


    @antermoia which mobile device are you using? Have you tested this with the block editor? Does the same thing happen when using the gallery block?

    For now, you can actually install a functionality plugin like Code Snippets and add the function from the plugin to that instead. The plugin hasn’t been updated because there’s nothing to be modified or maintained here. You can find the function in the trunk here:


    We don’t currently have any plans to amend this for the classic editor gallery. If you have the same issue with the block editor, let us know and we’ll do some further testing here.

    Thread Starter Alexander S. Kunz


    Hello Tracy,

    I’m using an iPhone 12. I also tried this with the block editor and the result is the same – the Carousel view shows smaller images than what’s directly visible in the blog post (except that the Carousel view, when invoked from the block editor gallery, doesn’t show the caption at all in Carousel).


    The Gutenberg gallery is not a consideration for me at this time because of the of the way the captions are covering the photos (look at the way the caption looks for the vertical image) AND the fact that the captions are omitted.

    (just for comparison, this is a Classic Editor gallery, with the captions below the images where they should be, and also captions shown in the Carousel: https://www.alex-kunz.com/del-dios-highlands-dawn/ – that’s a different problem though)

    Thanks for your help!

    PS: I tried the Gutenberg gallery block in my personal (wp.com hosted) blog as well, and it’s actually worse because I seem to be running into a bug that prevents the Carousel view from even showing the image. The X doesn’t work to close the Carousel and I have to reload the page to even “get out” of this view. Maybe you can let the folks who take care of this know.

    https://alexkunz.wordpress.com/gutenberg-gallery-test-page/ (this is a test page that I created for a different purpose actually).

    Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Hi @antermoia

    This issue has been discussed quite a bit here:

    I’d suggest adding your thoughts to a comment there and following that issue for updates, although as you can see it’s been open for quite some time, so it may not be addressed in the near future.

    For now I’d suggest disabling Carousel on mobile, either using the plugin you mentioned, or by copying the relevant code to your own site using a snippets plugin like Tracy suggested:

    Hope that helps!

    Thread Starter Alexander S. Kunz


    Thank you, Dan.

    I found a copy of the plugin on Github and installed it (I replaced the included mobile_detect.php with the most recent version). It seems to work just fine.

    Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Great! I’ll mark this as resolved, and you can keep an eye on the Github issue for any updates there.

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