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  • Hi,
    I’m new to wordpress and i have a few different problems with the unite theme.
    first, i put in the code to use the carousel in a template instead of a page and nothing happens. I can only get it to work when i use the code for using the carousel on a page. I create a text template and put the code <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[image-carousel]’); ?>into the body. is this wrong?

    also, for some reason my posts are not displaying correctly. the photo i uploaded into the post will be displayed sometimes and then it will disappear. i can see it when editing but not on the site. furthermore, the category for the post should normally be showing the entire post but instead only shows an excerpt, like how i have it set for the home page. it needs to be clicked on again to see the whole thing; sometimes it displays correctly and sometimes it goes back to excerpt.

    thank you for any help !

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  • Theme Author Silkalns


    do_shortcode should be used only directly inside php file such as singe.php, page.php footer.php. and not directly inside text body where you should use a simple [image-carousel twbs="3"] code instead.

    And even if you put your slider code inside php, then you have used the wrong one because this theme uses Bootstrap 3 which means that you need to specify Bootstrap version [image-carousel twbs="3"] that you can see in my code.

    Something is broken with your WordPress installation because this theme uses only the_cotnent and the_excerpt as simple as that. If WordPress is working properly then your posts will display content accordingly.

    The same with images. These are not things related to theme.

    And please read theme documentation because I see that you haven’t done it already:

    Hi Silkalns. Okay, thanks, i’ll try this.
    I have read over the theme documentation but I must have misunderstood something. I’m new to all of this.

    I reinstalled the theme and put the code in the front page php right at the top. It displays the carousel but it is really large and not in the same place as the sample created with the theme. Where should I be placing the code on the page? I’ve tried other places in the php either nothing happens or I get an error message on the site.
    Thank you!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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