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  • Hi,
    Thank you for all your excellent work on this plugin, it’s the best plugin I’ve used for Gutenburg by far.

    It would be great if you could add a mobile/responsive option to the carousel so we could change the number of columns to 1 or 2.


    P.S) If you have any CSS/filter I could use to achieve this in the mean time that would also be great

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  • Hey,
    Which carousel are you referring to?


    Actually I just noticed if I switch to a standard carousel there is an ‘Individual’ option that allows for responsive changes. The only issue I have with the standard carousel vs the fluid carousel is that I can’t quite seem to keep the aspect ratio of the original images in the standard version. If I choose ‘inherit’, it reduces the the size of the image and creates a large gap between each slide even if I set the gutter to 0.

    However, if I use the fluid carousel, it allows me to control the height of the carousel and guttering, keeping the original proportions/aspect ratio of the images used.

    Any advice appreciated.


    Yeah the fluid carousel doesn’t work in terms of “columns” so there isn’t a way to set a specific column amount for mobile. Each image “column” can have a different width. What you can do it set the height for mobile so that more images would fit into a row.


    And in reverse, the standard carousel only works in terms of columns. Each column has to be the same width. Matching height only makes sense as a variable height carousel would be very obnoxious to a viewer as it could change with every column. So that is what your images are “contained” when using standard.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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