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  • Hello,

    I have wordpress 3.5.1 and slim jetpack 2.1.1 installed, with carousel and tiled gallery activated.

    It works perfect on firefox, safari, chrome, but not with IE8 for which the tiled gallery are not displayed, it looks like the images are shrinked to few pixels.

    Could you please help me to solve this issue?

    thank you

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  • Hello have you tried to installed into the plugin the latest version from Jetpack?

    Remember that this is a duplicate plugin with no links to Jetpack. So if Jetpack releases an update package it will not be added to this plugin unless you add it manually. So always check on the original Jetpack plugin to see whats new and check the changelog.

    Kind regards

    Thanks, I will try this, I thought Slim Jetpack would follow Jetpack updates but maybe it is not ready yet.

    Could you please explain me how to do, I am very beginner at wordpress and do not want to break everything ? I guess some files should not be overwritten.

    thanks and regards

    Hi, all you have to do is read faq.

    Basically what the FAQ is saying is for you to extract both the plugins copy and past the updated modules from Jetpack into Slim Jetpack and then you have to zip it up and install into your WordPress website.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    I have tried it, but unfortunately it still does not work on ie8.
    I have overwritten the tiled galery and carousel module. I do see the updates from firefox, for instances the scrolling bar is not anymore behind the image.
    But, the issue with ie8 remains.

    Is there an other file to update ?

    kind regards

    Hi, this could be a bug that needs to be reported to Jetpack from the Jetpack plugin support forum of course.

    Maybe someone has already reported this issue in the Jetpack support forum.

    Kind regards


    thank you for your answer, I will try to check Jetpack support forum.

    kind regards.

    It seems like a known issue:

    I am surprised because in work environment, ie8 is mostly used.

    If anybody has a fix please let me know.

    thanks and regards.

    Plugin Author WingerSpeed


    The IE series (<IE10) is notorious in web design industry for its stubborn CSS incompatibility with modern standards that other mainstream browsers adopted long long ago.

    Sticking to MS own CSS standards is not only creating headache engineering problems that often needs weird hacks to fix, but also preventing many fancy styling techniques from being applied.

    Many visual effects are not able to be implemented in IE6/7/8. Period

    Even Google stopped to support IE8

    What can we expect from Jetpack creators? I guess the only party we can blame is Microsoft and their lazy IE product engineers 😀

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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