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  • looks cool to me.
    i did this wp theme

    i think dates should be added to each post. but my friend pointed out that if you dont have dates, and you lag in making new posts, then people wont know that your posts are old. unless the recognize the content is old.

    i would move the archives section below the categories.

    and i like the table styling. did you do it yourself?

    It’s a beautiful design. But one word of caution.

    At least one of your entries contains an image and write up from another site that is not referenced.

    It may or may not be copyrighted. In any case credit should have been given.

    A couple of comments. The title of some of your posts are a little long for the space you’ve given to display them and thus they are word-wrapping on top of each other. So you might want to bring down the size of your post titles to make it fit on a single line.

    Secondly, your use of background color change for links is a little freaky. 🙂 I think a simple underline would be a lot more elegant. In it’s current form, I thought for a moment that I had Google Highlight on, but then realized that I didn’t..


    Good call on the word wrap Cypher. Do you have javascript turned off or flash blocked? Because the sIFR is supposed to size everything correctly. When I turn off javascript I see the results you described. I will need to work on that. Thanks.

    I have JS on but see the cramped headlines too (FF 1.0.6 on WinXP). I would suggest that you center the content inside a fixed width block, right now it stays on the left except a few elements like the gray bar just below the header span 100% of the wdith. Definitely need more content 😉 what guy doesn’t love car stuff?

    Yeah, I’m not too crazy about the highlight for links either. It draws attention to it, and away from the rest of the article, and isn’t obvious that it is a link, just some highlighted text.

    Also, a background would be nice. While not something most people would notice, it stands out like a sore thumb to me.

    (Fx 1.0.6 WinXP, the titles look OK to me ??)


    billsaythis – do you not have flash installed or have some sort of flash blocker? I hope that is the case otherwise there is something weird going on.

    In fact I have Flashblock installed and running. Though I can’t see why that would interfere with a normal blog site.

    The headings use sIFR, which is an inline flash replacement. It uses javascript to replace the text with flash so that you can use nicer looking fonts. But, I need to style it so it doesn’t look awful if no flash is present.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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