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  • Looks solid and interesting. I like the scenery on Saba, very beautiful, especially the hill. Great!

    Appreciate it! Saba’s definitely an adventurous, yet quaint vacation 😉

    Oooh! The beautiful photos make me want to head to the Caribbean right now! I only have one small observation: The dark blue background of the site is too brooding, and feels lifeless. Why not use the pastel colors of the Caribbean as your background, powder blue or ocean colors that compliment the destination? Make the entire page feel like a beautiful day on the beach!

    Now, where is my Pina Colada?

    It was my dream that to go holiday to Caribbean

    Thanks guys, will see about the background hehe!

    Happy Hour Caribbean cocktails are featured weekly on the blog!

    @ Bestofblogger, dreams do come true;)

    I have been to the Caribbean when I was a kid but I would love to go back now. I like your blog, nice layout and great use of photos.

    Its PERFECT. Trust me!
    One thing I noticed was that you have no keywords! How will people find you on the internet? You need to make sure that Google finds your WordPress blog and for that you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Let me know if you need help.

    Thanks guys appreciate it!
    Feel free to join our [link moderated] for news, tips, deals, quizzes & more if you’d like!

    @ vaibhavkanwal -I do have some SEO plugins installed, though is there an optimum plugin that you would recommend?

    Nice blog, some very good images 🙂
    I have never been to the Caribbean yet, looks like a very beautiful place to visit,

    I’ve been to the Caribbean many times and your site really does it justice!

    The look and feel is a perfect fit, especially the logo. Additionally, the usability is done well, with a nice balance of white space, real content, and ads.

    BTW, I personally love the ‘All in one SEO’ plugin for my sites.

    Best of luck to you!

    I like the colors and how the site is laid out.

    One thing though, it would be better if you use a separate page for downloading your PDF media kit instead of using the 125×125 ads as direct download links for the PDF. That way you can present more options to potential advertisers.

    @archondigital – looks like those multiple 125 blocks for the media kit are just placeholders.

    Either way, I would at least get some affiliate ads on there instead.

    @directorysieve, Thanks. It surely is paradise, each island is unique 😉

    @gabeyoung, I do actually have the “All in one SEO” plugin installed. Are any of the islands you visited listed on our site?

    @archondigital, Gabe is right, the kits are also available on the About page. Just using them there as placeholders.

    @shaigan – I’ve been to the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Barbados, Bermuda, Antiqua, Dominica, St. Lucia. So I would love to go to St. Barts one day. You need to get the other islands on your site!

    BTW, it looks like your header is truncated from the bottom. The glow under “Travel & Leisure” is cut off by a few pixels.

    @gabe Working on relationships with more islands! Keep checking back 😉 (Another reason to subscribe to our newsletter..had to stick this in here)

    Also adding the header on the ‘to do list’, thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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