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  • OK, here it goes.

    This blog is the story of my life, conglomerating a number of thoughts, experiences, twists and derailments.

    If you happen to be Jewish, a lot of the content will make more sense, but if not I don’t think you’ll miss too much.

    So any feedback would be appreciated, but what I’m particularly requesting here are the following:

    * How does the layout, format, theme-related stuff support the content? Does it add, distract, neither?

    * Any navigational issues to speak of?

    * Bad links?

    Do not hold back. I can take it.

    And thanks in advance,


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  • i think the layout is pretty good. my only comments are subjective, so take them as you will:

    – the list on the left seem a bit cramped. (Defrocked Rabbi’s Other Websites, etc) widening the column might help.

    – i’m not a big fan of the primary, bold color thing, especially the red. softer, more muted colors would be easier on the eye.

    that’s my 2 shekels, rebbe.

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