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  • I would like to use geolocation for mapping posts by passing the geo-meta custom fields- geo_address, geo_longitude, geo_latitude with json-api.

    I like what you have done on your ‘places to visit in france’ page! A country map and a street-level map. Very nice. Plus the map mashup; great work.

    I’m trying to use the above-mentioned geolocation plugin and finally got it to display a map — but only on a single page or post and only when hovering over the text.

    I’d really like a map that I could place in a widget that is visible without the need to hover.

    And lastly since my in case the map is mostly going to be used for mobile users, I’d love it to be clickable – so that when the visitor clicks on it it opens in their google maps app.

    Thanks for your feedback,

    @dave, I’m not sure I understand. Can you provide a use case where you need such a feature.

    @valerama, the permanent map is not a feature of this plugin (you can check wp-geo and geo-mashup plugins if you have not already done so)
    For the link to the native map application, it’s a very interesting subject. It seems to be very easy for Android, but I have not found how to do it with Iphone.

    I know what Dave is after. WordPress iApp will actually send that data when posting via the app. It would automate mapping posting locations, all to one map.

    AFIK iPhone will load google maps just like Android when clicking a map link.

    Thanks for responding to my comments. I love developers who take an active roll in the support chat.

    After a bit of searching, I think Dave is speaking of the json-api plugin

    The mobile apps use XML RPC natively supported by WordPress. This is the recommended method for remote posting (and geolocation data are automatically transferred as they are post metadata).

    BTW, I have rewritten this plugin (

    I keep in mind your suggestion of opening a GoogleMap app whenever possible.
    As of now it opens GoogleMap in a browser


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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