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  • I am trying to put 2 thumbnail images next to one another on a page. I’d like the images to be in a row by themselves, text above and below, not next to the images.

    I’m working on this page of my site: and I’ve made examples of the options for doing this there.

    1. If the lefthand image is left aligned, and the 2nd image ‘alignnone’, then they are in a row, but unevenly spaced top to botton; and the caption for the 2nd image stays against the left margin of the page.

    2. If both images are left hand aligned, then they are well aligned top to bottom, and the captioning is fine, but the next paragraph of text starts to the right of the 2nd image; not what I want.

    3. As a workaround, I made the text in the paragraph following two left-aligned images have a hard return by putting that paragraph in a div, styling it with style="clear: both;"

    But that introduced a new problem; now I can’t get a line space after that paragraph. So I’m not sure what approach to take to accomplish this.

    I am styling images to remove the WordPress grey box around it, but I’ve tried with my styling removed and it makes no difference.

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  • It looks like all you need to do is set “alignleft” on both images – that puts the captions in the right place. Then just assign “clear: both;” to the paragraph that you want to go below those images.

    Thanks WPyogi, that is the approach I was taking – but it introduces a new problem, it takes away the paragraph break/ line space at the end of the paragraph within ‘<div style=”clear: both;>’. Can’t seem to make it leave a line between it and the next paragraph..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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