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  • for any problems with the premium version, please contact the plugin’s developer directly.

    There is no contact details for them, that’s why I have come here.

    Can any one lend a hand?

    this seems to be the premium plugin’s page:
    there is a contact link at the bottom.

    this forum cannot help with commercial themes or plugins.

    if you can’t get support from the plugin’s developer, possibly consider to post a job at or comparable sites.

    Plugin Author cpres


    Hi Missymoo I can lend a hand. Sorry for the delayed response but the holidays are busy 🙂

    Sounds like you’re dealing with some conflicts with your theme.

    I would add the fixes you make in firebug to your own theme stylesheet instead of trying to change them on the plugin itself. The more specific about how you identify a line of css the high priority it gets by the processor.

    I would probably make the captions have a white background instead of transparent. A lot of your captions are big enough that no amount of margin will be big enough 🙂

    Your theme conflict the slideshow css on the image centering too it looks like. #content img is one but there are a few others… I’ll try and be more explicit in the slideshow css to get past those issues for the next release.

    Sorry about all the issues!

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    I have already tried to change the #content img and the #content ul li and it doesnt do anything by changing it in my theme or customisied theme. Does that mean its not possible to use this gallery?
    Also if the caption has a white background it will go over majority of the images, cut off the focus… the gallery
    Also when is your next release?
    Thank you… do i have to go back to nextgen

    Plugin Author cpres


    We can use Satellite, instead of changing ‘#content img’ etc…it makes more sense to add references to slideshow specific css in your theme css file.
    .satl-wrapper .sorbit-wide img {}

    Or something of that nature. I will have a new version on the Members page this weekend for people to start using that will have a whole bunch of compatability fixes that will help you and other out as well as RESPONSIVE 🙂 But I’ve got a few other additions as well before I release 1.4 out to the public. Guessing around the 15th for that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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