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Caption frames gone

  • Since updating to version 3.4, the caption frames are gone, and the captions themselves are thrown to the side of the images as plain text.

    This is across a blog with over 400 posts so I’d like to find a solution besides removing captions one by one.

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  • You may need to post a link to the site so someone can view the issue and the source code.

    Sorry, I thought there was a link in my profile.
    Here you go. http://www.jgen.ws/jlog/

    The images I could find that are using wp-caption, look okay to me (other than being out of focus).

    Ex: jgen.ws/jlog/organize/desktop-mind-map-one-month-later/#more-16908

    Got a specific link to an image where you are seeing the symptom?

    That’s funny. Some of them are Ok and some of them are not. Here’s one that’s not. Note ‘Dia’ over to the side of the image. That’s actually a caption supposedly.


    It looks fine in my browser. I checked it with FF13 and IE9. There also doesn’t appear to be any caption in use on that image. If you look in the source code, there is no wp-caption class found anywhere on the page. I can’t seem to duplicate the issue. Have you had a chance to check the site from a browser on a different computer yet?

    I took the image caption out of the page. First I tried deleting the image and re-saving the page. Then I added the image back in. I did this twice. Both times it failed me.

    I can also read the source code and this was my conclusion:

    The problem was caused by asking to have the image aligned left. How WordPress appeared to interpret that was to put the image to the left of the caption and with no frame.

    Someday I will come across another post with the same problem and ask the question again.

    Were you using a plugin? Captions for plugins did change in 3.4, they now allow HTML, so a plugin may cause issues.

    None of my plugins have been affected by 3.4.

    Captions work fine on some pages and not on others.

    I thought maybe it was image file format but that’s not it.

    I still have no idea.

    Here’s another one with the same problem.


    I’ll leave it up this time and await your reply.

    None of my plugins have been affected by 3.4.

    Not what I asked 🙂 I should be more clear: Are you using any plugins to customize images?

    That link isn’s using captions at all.

    In the HTML view of your post, does it look somewhat like this:
    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]<img class=" " title="" src="My Image Source" width="150" height="150" /></a>My Caption[/caption]

    No, no image customizing plugins.

    Yes, that image I sent you the link for IS using a caption. But, it’s not showing on the post, or rather it is showing but thrown to the side of the image in plain text. In the post editor, it’s using a caption and looks fine.

    I know the source code doesn’t show it using a caption. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. And no, the HTML does not look like what you put above. There is no [caption id=]. It doesn’t care whatsoever about a caption being there.

    I have tried taking the image completely out, re-saving the post, putting the image back in, even changing the image format and nothing works so far. On some posts it works and on some it just doesn’t.

    Sorry. To answer your question exactly this time. Yes, in the HTML view, it says [caption id="" and the rest of what you're saying there] but in the page source code it says nothing about a caption.

    On the pages where the captions DO work the source code shows differently in a way that DOES show the word ‘caption’.

    Okay. Please don’t shout (i.e. use all caps). We’re trying to help, but we can’t see everything you can, so sometimes we ask things that sound very similar.

    Yes, in the HTML view, it says [caption id="" and the rest of what you're saying there] but in the page source code it says nothing about a caption.

    That’s ‘okay’ it’s not supposed to. I was just making sure we were hunting down the right error.

    One quick test, and I know it’s a PITA, but have you tried with the default theme (twentyeleven)? It’s possible this is a bug in Thesis (your theme).

    My whole site will truly go to hell in a hand-basket if I change themes.

    Does it ring any bells why the caption would work OK on some posts but not on others?

    It is indeed a theme problem and Thesis has offered us a temporary fix. Glad I didn’t have to change my theme. Whew!

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