Caption background overflows right side of image by 10px: reason unknown (1 post)

  1. Luke
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a strange problem with image caption backgrounds overflowing from the side of the image by 10px. I have inspected the element and there seems to be no obvious cause in my CSS.

    The template is completely my own, so I'm pretty familiar with the code. The strange part is that the caption style="width:xxx" equals 10 more pixels than is defined by the short code in the posts HTML.

    Obviously that is the direct cause of the 10px overflow, but not the root cause. I have no idea why it's adding an extra 10px to the predefined width in the HTML, if that makes sense?

    Anybody else had a similar problem? I could probably try and hack a fix for the code, but I would much rather deal with the root cause.


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