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  • Resolved Lazylonewolf


    I had to reactivate “Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha” again because Stop Spammers’ “CAPTCHA for Forms” (I’m using reCAPTCHA btw) for the Registration page just isn’t showing up, at least, I’m not sure if I should be seeing it or not so I can’t even confirm if it’s working. Compare that to “Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha” where I can check that it’s working when I’m incognito mode.

    Long story short: I don’t think Stop Spammers’ CAPTCHA is working since I’ve gotten more spam registrations ever since I deactivated “Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha”.

    Blocked emails going through registration
    Getting a lot of spam registrations from so I thought to block it using * It doesn’t seem to work and I still get spam registrations from that domain even if I’ve tested that it works in the Diagonstics page. Log Report pages reports it as “Passed Registration:Good Cache” even if I can see some other email addresses being blocked from being registered.

    Unless I’ve been wrong all this time and Block List doesn’t actually block registrations?

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  • Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    Sorry about the delay. I didn’t get an email notification to let me know this topic existed (happens every now and then).

    Anyway, when blocking emails, try toggling on the check for usernames option above the Block List box. Also, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get very many real users trying to register with emails that have the .co TLD. I would say it’s relatively safe to add .co to your blocked TLDs list.

    Also, try adding meetcreditcool to your Spam Words List.

    As for the CAPTCHA, this isn’t guaranteed to work on all forms, especially if you’re using any kind of plugin that creates a custom themes login/registration experience. Additionally, it needs to be set up under the Challenge & Block option page.

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