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  • Some optimization or minify plugin modified my plugin javascript. Don’t let it do that. Some of those plugins let you whitelist when you found a conflict. Good luck.

    Which files need to be excluded from minification?

    The recaptcha javascript

    Hi Mike,

    I have the same problem as the fellow above except with a simple Formidable Contact Page. I noticed you also had a problem with Formidable a few weeks ago too, but the solution Formidable gave you to set the global settings to allow multiple ReCapthca’s on a single page didn’t work for me.

    Here is the page:

    Your suggestion above that it could be related to JAvascript being minified doens’t apply to us either as we don’t have any performance tools or minify plugins.

    Nobody can contact us now. We are a free service for local folks and this is the first bug we have had with any of the site since we built it last year.

    The ReCaptcha is simply installed on a simple contact form built with Formidable (lite). The form only shows the lable ReCaptcha without anything else and ofcourse trying to submit contact info throws the it complaint that ReCaptcha isn’t there.

    The captcha is missing from this form”

    However, it works fine elsewhere with registration for example, so it would seem not to be a functional issue with ReCaptcha.

    Where it works:

    I updated the Formidable plugin, but that didn’t help. This bug may have happened when I ran the WP update and I just never noticed we were getting no emails from the contact form.

    I tried just creating a form with only ReCaptch on it and got the same result.

    The captcha is missing from this form”

    I am not well versed in WordPress or coding. I will also contact Formidable, but I don’t know if they will respond to a free user. I was hoping you could help me. I can make a donation. We don’t make other forms or have any income from this work, but I could make a small donation.

    Using ReCaptcha 1.0.15, WP 4.74 and Formidable 2.02.07.

    Thank you.

    formidable contact form is not supported by my reCAPTCHA plugin
    Reason is here, look in Troubleshooting “You may have a conflict with another reCAPTCHA plugin”:

    I suggest you deactivate formidable and use my Fast Secure Contact form that is compatible with Fast Secure Recaptcha.

    Hi Mike,

    I gave them access to my site to test whatever they wanted and I sent them your note so they see the issue you discovered.

    I will have my WP developer look at installing your contact form if Formidable has no simple solution.

    Thanks for your help.

    I still have been unable to fix this problem. I may have to look into other options.

    I am using W3TotalCache that’s all as far as minification.

    Can you provide me with instructions on how to exclude this or whatever needs to be done. This doesn’t seem to be working with any of my login forms

    Sorry I am not able to provide much support for other plugins. I suggest you can try uncheck this setting in W3TotalCache
    Minify: JS

    If that does not fix it try contacting W3TotalCache support or find some tutorials on its usage and troubleshooting when minify breaks things

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    I’ve disabled minification of all JS files and it’s still not working…

    If I turn the re-captcha on with my theme, it shows up on the theme pages….

    So, I am not sure why this plugin isn’t working…

    @lp9086 I see it working now. Can you share what setting fixed it?

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