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    I am currently using this plug-in on my website. I have 3 forms on the same page. Form 1 and 2 are the exact same ID’S and form 3 is a different id all together. However, when i add captcha to the forms it only shows up on the first form and not the other 2. On the other 2 it only shows the words “reCAPTCHA” but not the “i’m not a robot” bar underneath. When you try to submit on form 2 and 3, it doesn’t go through, just gives me an error “The captcha is missing from this form” Even though the captcha is not physically there and is only there for the first form.

    Is captcha only able to show up once on a page? Not sure what they issue is here.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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