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  • Please implement an advanced image verification/CAPTCHA for comments on posts from guests/bots. I’ve gotten so many spam messages from automated posts it’s just not funny, I’ve enabled comment moderation against my black list and it usually catches them however I still have to login and delete them, it’s just annoying. There are plugins but a lot of them don’t work well.

    It’d be nice if it was an on/off option, also for registered members make it by default not required for them to enter image verification code/CAPTCHA, but still make it an option to turn on even for them.


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  • There are quite a few plugins that will do this (add captcha) for you. However, be aware that there are now quite a few automated ways around most of ’em. And no end of interesting theories and discussions of which way is best.

    Have you tried Akismet or Spam Karma 2 to manage the spam? Both do a great job.




    there are already atleast 2 captcha plugins.

    search and you shall find.

    It doesn’t matter that there are plugins, I’m aware that there are plugins. Can features not be requested that are already plugins?

    I really think CAPTCHA image verification should be a default feature, with automated spam growing it should be implemented by default.

    And can third-party solutions not be suggested to people making feature suggestions? You may have made it, but you won’t be the only one reading it, and it’s important that others know they can already find options out there if they so desire.

    There are many things which will likely never make it into the WordPress core. I suspect any sort of CAPTCHA technology for comment moderation is one. And not just because such methods often bar access to the visually impaired. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel free to suggest it be added as a feature. Afterall, it wouldn’t be the first time.

    I h ave had a look at the 4 or 5 captcha plugins I have found in varying places, but none of them seem to address registering a user.

    Would anyone know if there is a plugin for this?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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