Support » Plugin: Really Simple CAPTCHA for cformsII » Captcha image is not updated automatically (AJAX form)

  • cforms2 14.14
    Really Simple CAPTCHA: 2.0.1
    Really Simple CAPTCHA for cformsII: 1.3

    I have a Ajax-enabled cformsII form on a page.

    1. When I enter incorrect Captcha text, the Captcha image is not automatically refreshed, but it seems it is expected that the text is different, because if I correct it I keep receiving “incorrect” error message on form submission.

    2. I noticed that after successful form submission the old Captcha image remains. This surely can’t be right, I would expect a new image to be generated.

    3. The “CAPTCHA” word is hardcoded. Firstly, even though it’s pretty common knowledge term for experienced internet users, it is very confusing for those who are not familiar with it. And in non-English languages this can be described in different words/acronyms. So, it would really be great is this word could be removable, or modifiable via plugin settings.


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