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    I have setup Captcha through the General Options section, however the Captcha doesn’t show up on the page that has the form on it (is it suppose to?)

    Also, when the form is submitted, it is not showing the “success” message that it was sent, the form just empties and the page refreshes (but the form does send, just no message stating as so).

    Does Huge IT forms have any “clashing” issues with other plugins? Or is it something else?

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • The problem may be only if you have any other plugin which also use google captcha, if no, then the case should be seen by developer on

    About refresh, make sure you put to print success message in the setttings

    After looking through my plugins, I have no other plugin that uses google captcha only Huge-it form

    If you mean, to make sure there’s a message in the “box” for “Sender’s message was sent successfully”

    Yes, I do have a message in there. (Under General Options > Form Messages. I have something under each one) is there a setting elsewhere that I’m not seeing or missing?

    Please, we would like to take a look at your page, can you send the link?

    Please check if you set Refresh Page in the buttons settings, if you are sure it’s set to Print Success Message, then please drop a message to

    Thank you

    I did not realize there was options for the submit button. I seen there was 3 options for it.

    Go to URL
    Print Success Message
    Refresh page

    The settings was on “go to url”. I now have it set on “Print Success Message” which it now shows the message that it was sent.

    However, the issue with the Captcha still exists.

    So 1 issue down, 1 to go.

    Please send a message to our email so the developers could fix the issue

    I have sent you 3 messages now within the last 2 days and had no response. My customers can no longer request quotes via Huge IT Forms as the captcha code does not show. CAN YOU PLEASE RESPOND TO MY EMAILS????

    Dear @fixtronic
    We got 2 messages from you, the first one was at 2 Am, so we couldn’t answer it as it was night. And the other message was an hour ago, which we have already answered, please check your email

    HI Huge IT,
    I have sent another email in return to your correspondence. I have forwarded a video of the issue as thee is still no captcha code showing in firefox,explorer,edge & chrome. The issue has now been going on for a week and Im afraid if it is not resolved I will have to look for another addon as I cannot remove the captcha feature due to high spam.

    Dear @fixtronic 2 days ago you have been answered by email.
    In message we show that we see the captcha and it works fine, since then we didn’t got any message from you. please answer. And please if possible let’s not discuss this type of things in the forum as it has no useful information for the community.

    We will be waiting for your email

    It seems to me you would rather flack off this issue on this page rather than sort it! The issue remains and If you check YOUR forum you will see others are having the same issue so its not just ourselves. Yes you replied 2 days ago to one of my messages via email but others I have sent I’m still waiting on a reply from. To turn round and say you never received many of our emails is a bit suspect to say the least hence why I’m posting here. I’m running a business and this issue has caused us a headache as it is now on going 5 plus days. The issue is still there and we have replicated this on many different computers and browsers so If you are not seeing it I would suggest trying a different computer or clearing your cache

    PS: The last correspondence from yourself was 12th November. I sent you a video clearly showing you the issue below. I Will resend the email AGAIN for a responce now, failing that I’m ditching this add-on forone that works.

    Dear @fixtronic If you send several separate email you may be supported by different support assistant and this way get mixed in the answers, we decided to combine your messages and help you under ONE conversation, but ok, let me answer your message separately. We will report the results of you support here, but let’s just go on by email

    I’ve had this problem as well. They seem willing to try and help, and they have been responding to my messages, but they want admin access to my site. Not sure I’m comfortable with that.

    Dear @sol0712
    It’s not a big deal for a development company. We normally suggest users to have Team Viewer or a live video session or could record the screen work of our work when working in the admin panel.
    As you may know the most time the issues are very site-specific.

    Thank you.

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