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  • One of the biggest headaches any wordpress user will have is dealing with spam comments and user registrations. I manage a few wordpress sites and I try to install recaptcha on every one I use and it seems to work the best.

    I really think it would be a smart move on wordpress’s part if they made this feature optional from the basic setup. It should even ask you while you’re installing if you want to enable captcha.

    I think this would take away a lot of headaches for wordpress users and encourage more people to stick with wordpress.


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  • esmi


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    Yes – I’d stop using WordPress. Or at least hack the core to remove any captcha.

    No matter what technologies you use, captchas present major problems for all kinds of different user groups. Added to which, create a captcha and pretty soon it will get broken – so any security that they offer is, at best, temporary and, at worst, completely false.

    Breaking Captchas
    PWNtcha – captcha decoder
    Captcha Cracking with Javascript

    Just imagine how attractive a WordPress captcha would be in some quarters!

    If people want captchas, let them add them as plugins and leave the core as it is – valid, pretty darn accessible, compliant code.

    Yes there are ways to break poorly coded captcha’s this is why I recommended a reputable one like recatcha. Of course there will be security holes but what’s new. WordPress always ends up with some holes here and there so why not take some step to prevent one of the biggest headaches that most wordpress users face.

    I’m with esmi – I’d immediately hack the core to remove captchas. I hate them things.

    There are tons of options for anti-spam that don’t mandate such stuff.

    This is exactly why I said it should be optional. I’m not saying it should be forced upon everyone. But the option should be there for those who want it.

    It is there for those who want it: In the form of a plugin 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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