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  • Hi Mike

    We have two large problems for you today. Both of them quite urgent. Our clients have lost functionality with their contact forms, and we’d like to resolve this as soon as possible with your help.

    We run a large multisite of 175+ sites that all use your plugin.

    1) Certain email addresses are simply not receiving any emails submitted through their forms.

    On this page we have a contact form submitting to their bosch email address ( redacted ) which doesn’t work, no matter how we send it. However, as soon as we change the email address to one of our own, we receive the email within seconds.

    This same problem has occurred for other garages, but only with their garage email. Again, our personal email works well with their contact forms.

    What is going wrong?

    2) Since the update from a few days ago, the captcha forms on our multisite are not submitting, despite entering them correctly each time. We get the message “That CAPTCHA was incorrect. Try again.”

    We could remove every single Captcha form, but that would take a large chuck out of my day.

    Do you know why this is happening? Do we need to change any settings?

    You assistance is appreciated and we’re happy to donate to this plugin.

    Many thanks
    LW Design

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  • The email problem is caused by the web host security system to prevent spam. It will block mail if it is suspicious about the sender.
    Try step 4 on this page

    The captcha problem
    The page is loading from and the captcha image is loading from
    You cannot have them on different domain names and expect it to work. For security reasons, cookies (and the captcha) do not work across different domains

    This page kind of explains the domain settings, but for multi-site? I do not know what to do.

    Problem: CAPTCHA image does not show

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