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    What is the capacity of each accordion? I’ve got to 228 entries and I can’t add any more. Is the capacity governed by the amount of text in each accordion or by the number of new entries. Does the free version have a different capacity to the paid version? If this is always the limit, do I just have to start a second accordion underneath to continue to adding more entries?

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    Thanks for the question, let me explain.

    #1, we haven’t set any limit in our plugin by code for both free and pro versions, so it should follow maximum limit what is set on your database.

    #2, We save accordions data under custom post type custom meta value, i just checked the database and see meta_value column is type “longtext” which support “4,294,967,295 bytes”

    But this may be limited by query limit on your server settings, or other. i would suggest you to create a separate accordion for rest of your data. and then place the accordions shortcode together.

    [accordions id="123"][accordions id="124"]

    Hope you understand.

    Okay. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

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