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  • hi, i am making a wordpress theme, this wordpress theme have some functions
    one of those functions create a panel in the menu

    now, i am making a role for the client because the client only can do a few things, so i create a role
    i have 2 problems

    1. i need this role allow to edit PAGES but not create them
    2. only the superadmin can see the panel made by the function in the theme, i need this other user with this new role, be allowed to use this panel options, WP require a capability name of this panel for allow this to the users inside the role, but i don’t know how the get this CAPABILITY name, i tried with the slut name because i know how the get the slut name

    i hope someone can help me with this problem, i have a few hours trying to fix it, but i have not more ideas about how to fix it

    thank u all
    – Regards

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