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    Hi, I have 3 questions, which are probably easy, but not for a noob like me. i would be very grateful, if you could help me please. here we go:

    1)I am trying to write a word and place a hyperlink behind it. Normally in MS Word, you highlight the word you want to link to a website, right click and go to hyperlink then enter the URL. but i can;t figure how to do it with wordpress, can you help please?

    2) when i write on one of my pages, i am trying to seperate the text nice and neatly, so in some instances I am trying to do a double space between lines, but after i publish it, it always reverts back to a single spacing again.

    3) I would like to have one of my pages as a ‘reviews page’, where i will have a list of dvd’s that are related to the topic of my website. i will write a small description about each dvd, then i would like underneath each description a link saying ‘read reviews’, which when clicked on opens up to reveal posts that my readers can write their opinion about the dvd, and read everyone else, prviding a more global opininon about ecah dvd.

    if you can help me with these three things i will be so grateful and happy.

    lookforward to hearing from you.

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  • Some of them easy, some of them not at all…

    1. Highlight and click the link button (a chain in wysiwyg) and folow the instructions in the popup window

    2. Forget it. It will not happen.

    3. This one is the complicated one. In the way youo described it, would require a lot of custom coding.

    Hi moshu,

    Thanks for such a quick reply, only posted it 2 mins ago.

    (1) Thanks! i am such a noob.

    (2) okay thanks for info though

    (3) Yeah i figured it would be complicated, where can i learn how to do this sort of code please? I ahve never done some, but i am willing to put the time in to leran to this, as it would be great for my site.


    Re: #3.
    The problem is I don’t really see how your content will be organized. Will every dvd have its own category? (otherwise it is difficult to have ONE link that goes to show all the posts about the same dvd)
    Are you going to let every reader to post? (or youwere just confused and meant comment?)

    You see, you have to get familiar with WP’s features, how it organizes the content etc.
    After that you should decide in which way do you want to go. And, to make it easier: don’t start with “preconceptions” about what Wp should do – it always creates a lot of trouble. Learn what WP is able to do for you and then use it wisely 🙂

    Hi moshu,

    Yeah i meant comment rather than post, sorry.

    But yeah i think you are write, i should learn what WP can do first and adapt that, then when i have learned the basics perhaps then delve into more advanced stuff. but thank you for your time and help. you helped solve teh first two. thanks again.

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