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[Resolved] Can't work around the static page problem

  • Hi,

    I’ve been trying to find an answer to what I want but nothing works.

    I created a wordpress site which use the Responsive theme. My home page is static (I think): meaning it uses the theme and it does not show any blog excerpts. In my menu, I want a Blog page where my blog will be accessed.

    Now, whenever I wan to change the reading setting in to point to the Blog page, I need to point to a front-page as well. The problem is since I used the themes home page (which I like a lot) as my main page, I cannot choose this page in the drop down menu. If I create a new page to become my home page, it does ont have the same features as the theme’s home page (ie. widgets, headers, etc…)

    So, I want to keep everything as is and want to be able to tell the system to use my page called Blog to post.

    I did not include a link to my site since it’s not online yet…I’m using a maintenance pluggin.

    I’m a newbie in site designing and do not have programming knowledge.

    Thanks for the help.


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  • My home page is static (I think): meaning it uses the theme and it does not show any blog excerpts

    Correct description 🙂

    f I create a new page to become my home page, it does ont have the same features as the theme’s home page (ie. widgets, headers, etc…)

    That … sounds like a theme issue. A static front page behaves exactly the same between Multisite and normal WP, so what you do is make a page for your ‘front’ page, named whatever you want (I usually go for ‘home page’) and then another for ‘blog’ and pick a template for each.

    Now you can set up the page and design it before setting is as the homepage.

    What theme is this?

    Please see this topic and if you have more questions please let me know. You can also find additional info here as well.


    Thanks for the info guys but not quite what I need.

    I deactivated my maintenance mode so you can browse the site: http://www.melfitness.com. It’s French, but you’ll get the feel of it.

    So, the Responsive theme gives me a Home page as seen on http://www.melfitness.com
    However, this page setup is not part of the choices when choosing a template to apply on a page. I like the look of it and want to keep it. The problem, I think, is that these options are part of the home.php file and can only apply to that one page.

    Now, what I want: I want that page to stay as my home page. I want to assign the posts page to the page named Blog. But, as soon as I put the option to static page, I lose that look and cannot recreate it.

    Worse comes to worse, I’ll try to recreate this look by creating a new template (which I never did before) or I could create another site (I’m using Multisite since I’ll have French and English) that I’ll use only for Blogging. This way I’ll be able to point to the URL. But, the inconvenient part will be that the URL will show blog.melfitness.com instead of showing melfitness.com/blog.

    As you can see, my way to work with the languages is that the main site, melfitness.com is in French and I added English in the menu which points to english.melfitness.com (the english site). There, I have a menu item “Francais” that points to http://www.melfitness.com.

    In the english home page you can see what the Responsive theme’s home page looks like. This is what I want to reproduce but cannot find as a template option to apply to a new page.

    Okay, sorry for the long winded explanation, but I wanted this to be as clear as possible.

    Thanks again for your help,


    Hi Guy,

    Did you have a chance to click on one of the links I noted above? You can easily switch home to any page you need and no need to worry about the home.php, once you change the settings home will no longer apply.

    Here’s a screenshot how to get to Page Templates 🙂


    Hi Emil,

    I checked the links, but it does not answer my questions.

    The responsive home page has a certain look that no other page template has with the widgets a the bottom, the header, the logo… All these can be edited thought the appearance menu.

    However, when creating a new page, there is no template choice that can give the same look/options that this page has.

    Do I have to recreate it or is there a way to apply this look as a template?



    Hi Guy,

    You mean to create an additional page that looks like default landing page? If so, no sorry Theme does not have the Page Template that looks like that.

    Here’s what’s included:

    One of our support guys made this, which can be used as “clone” of the home.php and that is a Page Template.


    Thanks Emil,

    that’s what I wanted to know. In all of the answers I could get from different sources, this is the first time I get a confirmation that this page is unavailable as a template.

    As far as the code goes, since I’m not familiar with .php or web design, would you be able to tell me how to use it? I’m guessing it’s something like copying a template file, renaming it home-page and then replacing it’s code with the one in the link.

    Where are the template files and what steps do I need to follow?

    Thank you very much for the help.


    The Pastebin is all you need, you can create custom-template.php and paste the content in, that’s pretty much it.


    Thanks Emil,

    I just uploaded pastebin. When you say create custom-template.php, do you mean create a file in the filemanager (backend) or is it something I can do from the dashboard?

    Sorry if nothing is simple with me, I’m very new at this.



    (going to bed, Eastern time zone… I’ll check out the answer tomorow, THANKS!)

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