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    This one is really crazy. I have created a network of sites under WP3.0, all have been functioning as expected. All without issue. I have been playing (learning) extensively today and created a multi-site plugin. I then started with some theme development, I created a new testing site as well as an admin user to administer it (I didn’t want SuperAdmin)… Short of it is, I have played with just about every aspect of the install that i could today)

    Everything has been going great, then out of the blue one of the sites has developed a bug that doesn’t allow you to visit it anymore. Instead, it ALWAYS goes to the dashboard. I have tried different browsers, different devices/computers and no matter what i do it ALWAYS goes to wp-admin.

    In an attempt to debug this, I have:

    1. disabled every plugin (across all sites)
    2. removed the plugin I created
    3. removed a custom style sheet I made
    4. disabled (and later deleted) the new test site
    5. removed the new user
    6. changed my theme and finally reverted to 2010

    NOTHING is fixing this. It’s as if something has got into the database which is forcing the admin screen to come up.

    I honestly am now clutching at straws.

    This is affecting only one site (although I thought it was affecting more at some point, but when I just checked it is only one).

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  • I’ve pretty much resolved it HAS to be a database issue. Hw can I get a chronological order of changes to the tables affecting only this site?

    I seriously haven’t stopped on this problem, I don’t know what to try next. Can someone shed some insight? Here’s what else I’ve done in an attempt to debug this:

    1. removed the plugins directory – didn’t help (so I put it back)
    2. changed the theme to a common theme used elsewhere on my site (without issue), and even used the default theme
    3. have removed all custom css (that I can find)
    4. archived it and reinstated it
    5. deactived it, and reinstated it
    6. exported this months database entries and gone over them to see if I could find some errant entry, I couldn’t
    7. exported the full database and created a new site – imported the database and it works!!!!

    In light of the final point, I mean the newly created site works, al-be-it without any custom settings. it would appear that something that is NOT being exported is what is causing the error.

    I’ll try a phpmyadmin dump of both databases and compare across them, see what’s different…

    Again, if anyone else has any other ideas, I’m ALL OPEN!!!

    ok, dumping both databases didn’t help, they were too different too compare… I’m not going to go into that…

    First, how my WordPress Network is setup:

    • master domain ‘’
    • site causing probs ‘’ (uses table prefix wp_6)
    • I create a new site ‘’ (uses table prefix wp_8) (works)

    What I DID:

    I logged into the database directly and exported out all ‘wp_6’ tables.

    • I exported with DROPTABLES and did a find replace for all old prefixes and made them a new prefix (‘wp_6’ –> ‘wp_8’)
    • I also went through and changed all url references from the old domain to a new domain (ie: dam3 –> dam4) so that wordpressMU saw two unique sites (moreso for the url ‘’ to work
    • In ‘Domains’ under superadmin, I ‘edited’ the domain path to marry up with ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ as well

    visiting old site: still goes to dashboard
    visiting new site: works

    (and (not my real domain) still goes to wp-admin)

    Now, you want to hear the crazy part?

    • log into old site (dam3) and delete domain mapping
    • log into new site (dam4) dashboard and create domain mapping: <–
    • log into SuperAdmin, go to ‘sites’ and
      • edit dam3 site PATH and make it dam4
      • edit dam4 site PATH and make it dam3


    visiting old site: (wp_6) still goes to dashboard
    visiting new site: (wp_8) works
    visiting new site url: works!!!!

    I could just go and make this my new site, but certain configurations are missing (which I could do manually – but these already exist in the database, and it just doesn’t feel right. There’s something wrong in the database and I would like to get to the bottom of it)

    So now I have ruled out:

    • domain mapping as being a cause of the problem
    • strictly I have ruled out all ‘wp_6%’ tables being the problem
    • I have ruled out all plugings (and themes) being the cause of the problem

    What’s left?

    It can only be the raw wordpress tables (! wp_X) and however they relate to the wp_6 tables, some configuration in there, which I am now about to look at, but I have no idea WHAT I’m looking at.

    This has been a learning curve… I WILL get to the bottom of this!

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    then out of the blue one of the sites has developed a bug that doesn’t allow you to visit it anymore. Instead, it ALWAYS goes to the dashboard.

    Have you, perhaps, assign this blog as the “dashboard” blog? Go look under Super Admin -> Options and check. If so, yay! You just discovered what the dashboard blog does. It gives users with no blog a place to do things like modify their account.

    the front end of the dashboard blog is never visible. it will always redirect to admin. πŸ˜‰

    Wow, that is some impressive troubleshooting skills. πŸ˜‰

    OMFG… THAT’s what THAT is for!!!!

    Ok, I did misread that and took it to mean the default blog to make someone belong to when/if I create an account for them… I have spent the last 24 hours (minus some sleep) on this ‘issue’

    Oh well, I can put that to rest now…

    I am truly dissatisfied with the result. I really feel cheated!

    THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!! Champion effort!

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Yeah, I was kinda sad you went to all that work and it was really one leeetle bitty setting. πŸ™‚

    Same here… I would therefore suggest to rephrase the explanation of the “dashboard” option to make it more clear.

    I indeed translated New users are added to this site as the user role defined below if they don’t have a site. Leave blank for the main site.

    into something like If new users didn't ask for a website, add them to the site mentioned in this option with the role mentioned in the option below. kinda: default blog other than main to register to if you ask for none.


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