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  • Member directory comes up fine for both user types. When I click on any of the other users when I’m logged in I get redirected to the home page

    Plugin Version : 2.025
    User types are allowed to view other profiles for all types except Admin
    User page visibility is set to Public
    I put the User page outside the server caching

    Anything else I can try?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @bebizzy,

    Please go to the Ultimate member -> User roles -> your user role and make sure that “Can view other member profiles?” is checked.


    As mentioned above, the users are allowed to view other profiles for all users types except Admins.

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    Hi @bebizzy,

    Does it happen for all users? Have you tried to create a new test user and check this issue?
    This issue can be also caused by some conflict with your theme or other plugins.
    Please do a quick conflict test and see if this issue goes away.
    Here is the doc on how to do a conflict test.


    Check “account_status” in user_meta table for that user id. If “account_status” is blank, then that could be reason of profile redirecting to main page.

    All my new registrations have “account_status” blank and users are not able to view those profiles. I have email activation option on, so technically “account_status” should either be “waiting for email confirmation” or “approved”, but activation emails are not going out and new users are just able to login. I am still trying to figure out the issue with activation emails. After registering, registration goes through but instead showing custom message about activating email, registration page reloads.

    I tested with fresh install on dummy site and it works okay.. still trying to figure out on main site.

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    I have same problem. When i click view user or view members profile inside my website it redirect to home page. Someone fix the problem here?

    I have same issue, after login clicking on other user profile redirects to home page.

    I am also having the same issue on 2.0.40. We will check the database per the suggestion above.

    All of the profiles are approved. I also compared the data from user meta of a working profile and a non-working profile. There is no difference in settings that could be found.

    If I login as the user, I can see and edit the profile data. Is there a permission that needs to be set somewhere?

    Thanks for your help.

    I have the same problem. When I click view users or see member profiles on my website, I see my profile instead. Someone fixing the problem here?



    Also having this problem and it’s incredibly frustrating. Both WP and UM are latest versions. Admin nor members can’t view profiles, and the members directory is also not showing up, instead showing text: “We are sorry. We cannot find any users who match your search criteria.”

    This was working fine as recent as a couple of weeks ago.

    @ultimatemembersupport Please help! Thanks!

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    hello sir
    when i view users in wordpress than it redirects me to homepage please look at thi issue

    Please help, these are the problems I am having
    1. If I set up the member search directory fields it completely removes the members and displays this message.
    “We are sorry. We cannot find any users who match your search criteria.”
    However, if I unclick the field “Enable search feature” then I can view members, however if I click on the members, as the other comments above, it redirects me to home page.

    2. When new members sign up or delete account, I am not getting notification, and I have the notification box checked.

    Please advise on what I can do, I have my sight on maintenance mode and not able to use until these issues are resolved. thank you

    I am also having this issue on our Dev site.

    1. Logged in as Admin, if you click on any member to view their profile, you are sent to the homepage.
    2. Logged out.. it’s worse. I only see 2 users BUT I can click through to their profile.
    3. The search function is gone.

    I’ve switched out themes and it did not solve the issue.
    I’ve deactivated plugins.

    I have the following problems on our site.

    1. Logged in as admin, I can see all other users’ profile (but only the profile and no other tabs) regardless of their role.
    2. Logged in as admin I can see all tabs in the profile of other users with the role admin.
    3. Logged in as admin, I can’t see other tabs in the profile of non-admin users. When I click on a tab other than the profile, I come directly to the homepage of the website. This does not happen if the tab is without a UM form, then I can see the tab.

    Whats wrong with the UM form?

    I have tried to create new roles, conflict tests …

    Can someone help me?

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