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    I’ve noticed that on some of my sub domains the images don’t show but everything else does. Also, no updates can be made via programs installed ie for (my friends blog I host), a blog update cannot be made via the wordpress admin panel (alos the imges in the wordpress panel are not visible). Initially I thought the issue might have been some sort of database/wordpress error but I created another folder (in macabrerose > testfolder so that it was outside of the wordpress folder but still inside her subdomain), uploaded a test .html file and images were still not visible (font and css were). I’m just posting here in case it is a wordpress problem 😛

    I haven’t made any domain admin changes. WordPress has been updated to the latest version (images woren’t working before and after update) and nothing else has been edited in the wordpress files (ie I havent changed the index.php file or changed the css etc)
    The wordpress on my blog works fine, images and all and is also most recent version. Another wordpress blog I host on a subdomain also has the same errors.

    I contacted my host as I thought the problem might have something to do with permissions etc but they basically told me it’s not their problem, find help in a forum >_>

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  • It randomly started working again. Didn’t do anything to change it so I think it must have been something to do with the host.

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