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  • I’m using the Event Organiser plugin for a calendar.

    When I have Role Scoper enabled, I can’t view events on the front end (presumably I could if I logged in as an admin, but I want them to be visible to everyone).

    I’ve read through the RS settings very carefully. Events Organiser seems to create a new custom post type, Events. I do want to use RS to restrict access to authoring events, but I want everyone to be able to view the events.

    However, even when I troubleshoot by unselecting Events in the RS settings under Roles > Options > Realm > Post Type Usage, the problem persists. In fact, even when I deselect “Viewing content (front-end)” under Roles > Options > Realm > Access Types, the problem persists.

    Any suggestions for things I can try?

    Jessi Hance
    Cruzio Internet

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  • Same exact problem, could you solve it?

    And some problem here…

    There’s been numerous reports of Role Scoper not working with various plug-ins (usually involving Ajax). From what I’ve seen, completely disabling Role Scoper for ‘event’ post types seems to be the most reliable way to resolve it.

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for chiming in. If you read my post, though, you’ll see that I tried that and it did not make any difference.

    Oh well…

    Yeah, sorry, read that after I posted. Hopefully the plug-in author might be able to shed light on the problem here…

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    I installed the current version of EO and do not see a problem after deactivating RS filtering of the Event type.

    It’s true that this would not be the first time I was guilty of filtering Ajax queries or not filtering Ajax queries, but EO’s seems to be working fine after the RS setting change.

    Unless someone has specific configuration instructions for a repeatable error, I don’t have time to volunteer.

    Thanks, Kevin. I’m no longer getting paid to work on this problem, but thanks for looking into it.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Me neither!

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