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    Hi DrMosko,

    Sorry that you ran into issues here. Since you’re getting a blank page, there’s two things you should check:

    1) Run a conflict test. Here is an article about how to test for theme and plugin conflicts with AWPCP, which may help pinpoint the issue: That may show a problem we’re not aware of.

    2) Try the suggestions in this article here about 404 errors and AWPCP pages: What you’re seeing could also be a 404 error or something related to page names/published status. Definitely check those.

    Report back if that didn’t do it.

    why marked as RESOLVED?

    Plugin Author awpcp


    Hi DrMosko,

    I mark issues as resolved so that I know I answered them. The WP forum tallies this and if someone never revisits the thread, that keeps things neat and tidy. But as you can see, if you respond, I’ll respond. That’s not an issue.

    Can you report back on what you found from above?

    find a problem with Better WP Security plugin, is this known issue?

    after disabling it still can’t view the AD, the page is opened – not blank, but the script not running.

    the page using shortcode [AWPCPSHOWAD]

    Plugin Author awpcp


    It’s not a known issue–one thing to check is whether our latest update avoids/fixes the conflict (often we put in workaround code for misbehaving plugins). Can you contact me to get it?

    I will test another plugin for security.
    but why cant I view the Ads?
    can u get me a start where to Debug?

    I get a warning : sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments on line 181 in file /home/barmitzv/public_html/wp-content/plugins/another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin/frontend/page-show-ad.php

    what I did for now, so i can continue working on the site, but this will cancel the $messages and $output

    page-show-ad.php line 181


    //$output = sprintf($output, join('', $messages) . $layout);

    with :

    $output = $layout;

    pls give me a permanent solution

    thank much for ur help

    p.s. do u know which security plugin work with ur plugin?

    Plugin Author awpcp


    Can you tell me what version of PHP your web host is running? That warning sounds like a difference between PHP 5.4 and something much older.

    Also, what version of WP?

    Do you see the warning output in the page? Does that only happen when the security plugin is active or is this all the time?

    The PHP System Default Version is 5.5

    WP 3.8.1

    security plugin was deleted , please tell me which can I use.

    I can see the problem with this Great plugin BlackBox

    u can view it too go to the Ad page click on the tool bar – errors

    Plugin Author awpcp


    I think we need to dig deeper on it–can we get admin access to the site? Please contact me here:

    Include a link to this forum thread and admin credentials to your site.

    ill manage, but thx

    DO u know of a security plugin that work with urs?

    Plugin Author awpcp


    We haven’t tested any specific security plugins with AWPCP outside of Wordfence, and that’s mostly by accident because I run it locally. 🙂 It seems to work fine, but it conflicts with my shopping cart and forum, so I had to disable it.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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